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Brother Valentino: Life is a stage

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Staff Article
Interview Recorded: June 12, 2005
Posted: July 07, 2005

I like to educate

Anthony Emrold Phillip 'Brother Valentino' and wife Peggy Castanada-Phillip
Anthony Emrold Phillip 'Brother Valentino'
and wife Peggy Castanada-Phillip

I still maintain my course. I like to educate, or try to open someone's eyes by my works. I feel that if the Master gives you a talent, you should put it to good use, and do not use it for money. Once you love your thing, it will take care of you. My art form takes care of me. It is like a miracle. The most important thing is to be true to what you are doing, love what you are doing and be honest with yourself, and I think everything else would work for itself.

I have been through some good experiences and some bad experiences. There were times when, through my line of kaiso, they called me revolutionary, radical and all kinds of brands. You will find that the mediocre Calypsonians would always get a play in front of me, even though my work has substance.

I made a Calypso, 'Life is a Stage', about thirty-three years ago, and today it is still one of the top Calypsos around. They had a survey some time ago and it was in the top three. When 'Life is a Stage' was composed and sung, a lot of these young people weren't born as yet. The generation now is getting hooked on it and that tells you about the substance, the depth of the Calypso itself. When you do a piece of work like that, you feel so satisfied with yourself. I have to thank the Master for that inspiration, because I am not responsible for that.

Calypso is not like a course you are going to take. Have you ever heard of a man going to take a course in Calypso, and then the time comes for him to graduate? It is a God-given talent. I never went anywhere to learn that thing; it just developed. It has to come from somewhere, and the inspiration too. Once you realize that, you have to use it in a very positive way. It isn't easy with the odds sometimes, but then we do understand why. I have the understanding, so it doesn't bother me. I just do what I have to do, and continue doing it. This is where I am at presently, still doing what I am supposed to do.


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