Brother Valentino

Life is a Stage

Lyrics by Anthony Emrold Phillip 'Brother Valentino'

Life is a stage
And we are the actors
And everybody have a part to play
Like a never ending movie
With all different characters
Each one have a role to portray
Down to the scavengers
And them barristers
All them doctors and lawyers
And these ministers
So this honourable this
And this honourable that
And this lady so and so
Is a part all them people playing
I want you to know
So don't blame Dr. Williams
Anytime you find you get bad administration
That was meant to be
The fella is playing his role superbly
Doh't blame the hoodlums I say
Is a part they come out to play

This movie start
In the garden of Eden
The star and co-star was Adam and Eve
They played their parts
Now they are dead but not forgotten
And when I study the role of Adam
It makes me grieve
Shows man should be able
To take example
And see from the beginning
Woman was trouble
But then your role
is according to your script I say
And your fate would be judgment day
And according to the part that you play
The master go pay
Now down to the little children
From the time they born
They join Life's great movie
But some of us fathers my friend
Through some wicked women
Never saw our baby
Although abortion is just an act
Believe me friends I don't like that part at all
Plenty women go bawl when the curtain fall

Say what you want
Believe I'm not joking
The women are the greatest performers for me
Their role always important
And won to their love making
These people could win an academy
They could put you in heaven
They could put you in hell
Woman could put man places
Man would shame to tell
So then a man must want to kill
Because the part he have to play
Is to love with his heart and soul
So you see where the females
always have the better role
So doh blame Christine Keeler
Just because she wreck the lives of some politicians
She played a sexy character
And she caught Porfumo with her sexy actions
So we should tip our hats to England
And say hoorah for good old Christine
The greatest actress, don't doubt, that the world has seen

This place have some scenes
That I go off on
The acting is greater than on Broadway
Not even on the movie screen
You does see people perform
Like Trinidadians ah talking 'bout
And how they could play
Trinidad as we all know
Chief role is calypso,
Then featuring playing pan
And dancing limbo
But for playing the part of smart man and smart woman
I could bet my hand
And for creating a big impression is a Trinidadian
Now the ambitious guy
With the jacket and tie
Who walks the road and hold up his head high
You will shock to know
Where this same ambitious fella head does go
But is a part he come out to play
And we really cyah treat the fella with scorn
And as they say
The show must go on

Brother Valentino tells it as it is.

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