Brother Valentino

Stay up Zimbabwe

Lyrics by Anthony Emrold Phillip 'Brother Valentino'

Woe be on to Rhodesia!
Woe be on to South Africa!
You pushing my back against the wall
I calling the tribes of Hannibal
I man decide to put on his boots
And march to defend his roots

Calling them Ju Ju - Oh ya ye!
Calling them Zulu - Oh ya yo!
Showing Ashanti - Oh ya ye!
Calling Watusi - Oh ya yo!
In South Africa and Rhodesia - Oh ya ye!
Blood go run like water - Oh ya yo!
Prepare my brothers - Oh ya ye!
For the bloody River - Oh ya yo!
Just remember brothers - Oh ya ye!
Blood thicker than water - Oh ya yo!
Stay up Zimbabwe - Oh ya ye!
Stay up Zimbabwe - Oh ya yo!

I know this fight won't be so easy
But you got to get rid of the enemy
If you don't get rid of the enemy
The enemy shall get rid of thee
My people you see we have no choice
So Africans hear my voice

I hear the talk that America
Supporting white South Africa
But if we have to work voodoo
My people shouting Uhuru
Sound the drums and summon the witch doctors
To deal with those weird characters

I pay homage to Steve Biko
And the children who died in Soweto
To the Freedom Fighters I declare
Africans affair is my affair
Ian Smith and Vorster got to go
The Revolution say so

Brother Valentino tells it as it is.

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