A Christmas Treat in Valencia

Santa Claus presents gifts to the children
Santa Claus presents gifts to the children

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Event Date: December 20, 2006
Posted: December 22, 2006

The Valencia Sports and Cultural Foundation presented its 'Traditions of Christmas' on Wednesday 20th December, 2006. This cultural event, which took place in the playground opposite the Valencia Government Primary School was originally geared towards recreating the ways of old by coming together under an open space, cooking and baking, and finishing with singing traditional Christmas carols. This type of show served the dual purpose of educating the young as well as solidifying old bonds among the elders of the Valencia community. However, due to the unceasing rainfall experienced that day, the cooking and baking in the open area had to be cancelled. Villagers instead brought pre-prepared dishes from home for guests to enjoy.

The event, which started around four in the afternoon, mainly set about to entertain children. Although the skies were dark and heavy with clouds ready to burst open with rain, the children did not seem to mind as they crowded by the hundreds in front of the bouncy castle and chair plane to have their turn with the fun equipment.

Children also crowded the tents where ice cream, popcorn and cotton candy were given away on behalf of the Valencia Sports and Cultural Foundation.

Both the children present as well as their parents, most of whom squeezed themselves under the two tents during the rainfall, were entertained by the Tamana Primary Steelpan Workshop who played several songs for the evening.

The highlight of the evening was the gift-giving, with Santa Claus giving away presents to children ranging in age from a couple of months to teenagers as old as seventeen. Some parents even opted to sit on Santa's lap and pose just for the humor of it. Children were very eager to receive their presents and crowded the stage by the hundreds.

Soon after, the formal part of the ceremony had begun with a welcome address by the Councillor of the District of Valencia and President of the Valencia Sports and Cultural Foundation, Mr. David Gadar. He expressed his joy to be in the presence of friends, villagers and children, and how he admired the close bonds that remain with the Valencia villagers spanning generations. He hoped that this type of togetherness could be replicated in other communities and that this could be a step in developing the country.

Following his brief address, Mr. Michael Guptar, on behalf of the Valencia Sports and Cultural Foundation, presented a token of appreciation to for their support with media coverage.

Other activities for the night included poetry by Mr. Gamma Ghost and the highly anticipated Christmas caroling by the following groups: Mt. Ararat Spiritual Baptist Church Choir, Sangre Chiquito Presbyterian Church Choir, I Care Christian Crusade Church Choir and Jesus Outreach Ministries Choir.

The Mt. Ararat Spiritual Baptist Church also had more to present to the audience with a solo performance by Mother Jocelyn Lamb, a dance performance and a rendition of "Joy to the World" on the violin.

Mrs. Claire Phillip-Johnson of the Valencia community also gave a solo performance which was well-received by the audience.

Although many children had left before the show was complete, many adults stayed during the late hours of the night enjoying the entertainment. Hopefully, the rain would not be an obstacle to next year's presentation of the Christmas events and the 'Traditions of Christmas' would be carried out in the open once more for all to enjoy.

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