Mr. and Mrs. Emancipation Pageant 2008

The delegates of Mr. and Miss Emancipation Cultural Pageant 2008
The delegates of Mr. and Miss Emancipation Cultural Pageant 2008 Reporters
Event Date: August 14, 2008
Posted: August 19, 2008

Dexter Jennings Concept Studios in collaboration with the San Fernando Arts Council presented their annual Mr. And Mrs. Emancipation Cultural Pageant at the Creative Arts Center in San Fernando on Thursday 14th August, 2008. Titled "Freedom" it featured three male delegates and six female delegates showcasing themselves before the audience.

The male delegates were Javan Dwayne Whitaker, Adam Leigh Pascall and Joel John while the female delegates were La Donna Rouse, Ayanna Francis, Jelae Stroude Mitchell, Ifayola Proverbs-Sampson, Lystra Nurse and Aneshia Abena Beach. Judges for the evening were Hollis Clifton, Patrick Mills, Atwell Attzs, Dianne Phillip and Gemma Merrique.

Arawak Dance Group
Arawak Dance Group

Starting just after 8 p.m., the evening started with an exciting invocative dance by the all-female Arawak Dance Group. Guest singer Reah Williams impressed the audience as she performed the 'Retreat Song' made popular by South African songstress Miriam Makeba. Following this start, the delegates, dressed in African wear, streamed on stage to the sounds of an Ella Andell song to do an introductory dance. As the delegates introduced themselves they also shared with the audience what Emancipation meant to each of them.

Junia Regrello, MP for San Fernando delivered the feature address and commended the organisers for the efforts in keeping African culture alive. He remarked that the event represents the contribution of the Southern region to the yearly Emancipation celebrations. He said that he held the event in high esteem as a legitimate event for observing and ensuring that African culture is interwoven into the tapestry of national heritage.

Malaika Blair, Acting Mayor of San Fernando
Malaika Blair, Acting Mayor of San Fernando

Malaika Blair, Acting Mayor of San Fernando also addressed the audience remarked that the struggle for freedom and the road we have travelled should give added significance and meaning to this event. She observed that most events of this nature place emphasis on physical beauty and answering questions as criterion for judging.

The second delegate segment was the talent segment where the delegates showcased their talents before the appreciative audience. Most of the delegates chose to do a dance to various African music and these were generally well-executed and well-received by the audience.

Adam Leigh Pascall 
Adam Leigh Pascall
Not all the delegates chose to do a dance though. Adam Leigh Pascall captivated the audience with his presentation titled "Free Spirit" which was a exciting mix of vocals, monologue and dance. Dressed in a leopard skin outfit he streamed on the stage to the pulsating sound of drums as he took the audience on a journey through different African regions and different African peoples up to the point of Emancipation. The audience showed their appreciation with their loud applause.

Lystra Nurse also got a rousing response from the crowd with her commanding rendition of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song". Also impressing the audience with her vocals was the last delegate Aneshia Abena Beach who performed the immortal Miriam Makeba classic "The Click Song".

The third segment for the delegates was the traditional wear segment and the audience had plenty fun during this segment as they applauded loudly and cheered on the various delegates. The traditional wear worn by the delegates were particularly well made and kudos are deserved by the various designers.

Singing Sandra
Singing Sandra

Calypso Queen Singing Sandra made a guest appearance on stage to a rousing welcome from the audience. Singing Sandra did not disappoint as she held the audience in the palm of her hand with the immortal "Voices from the Ghetto" before walking down into the audience to deliver the hard hitting women rights song "Die With My Dignity" as the audience sang along. She then took the audience for a journey through her African roots with the Orisha-inspired "Ancient Rhythms" ending an exciting and dynamic performance, which was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by the audience.

La Donna Rouse and Adam Leigh Pascall 
La Donna Rouse and Adam Leigh Pascall
When the results were announced it was La Donna Rouse who captured the Miss Emancipation 2008 title, also winning special prizes for Best Talent, Best Headdress and Best Introduction. Crowd favorite Lystra Nurse was first runner-up, and she also copped the special prize for Best Wear. Reigning Miss Emancipation Queen Akebe Williams was present to crown the new 2008 queen. Amongst the males, it was Adam Leigh Pascall who copped the title of Mr. Emancipation 2008, and he showed that he was a notch above his competitors by also winning the special prizes for Best Introduction, Best Wear and Best Talent. The first runner-up was Javan Dwayne Whitaker.

Dexter Jennings of Dexter Jennings Concept Studios in a brief interview shared that this pageant started in 2003 with the vision of showcasing the talent of young people. He expressed that there is need for more vehicles for young people to do something positive. He highlighted that the show is open to people of different ages and explained that there is a need to bridge the gap and allow the more mature ones to share their experiences with the younger ones.

Full Results

Miss Emancipation 2008 La Donna Maria Rouse
First Runner-Up Lystra Nurse
Second Runner-Up Aneshia Abena Beach

Mr. Emancipation 2008 Adam Leigh Pascall
First Runner-Up - Javan Dwayne Whitaker
Second Runner Up - Joel John

Special Prizes

Prize / Male / Female

Best Talent - La Donna Maria Rouse / Adam Leigh Pascall
Best Wear - Lystra Nurse / Adam Leigh Pascall
Best Introduction - La Donna Maria Rouse / Adam Leigh Pascall
Best Headdress - La Donna Maria Rouse

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