Coiffe: Nicole Missette's Hair Craft

Models with pose with Garnett D Andrade (White), Nicole Missette (Black and White) and Richard Young (Black)
Models pose with Garnett D Andrade (White),
Nicole Missette (Black and White) and Richard Young (Black) Reporters
Event Date: August 05, 2007

Coiffe: a word of French origin meaning to arrange or dress hair attractively, was certainly what was demonstrated at Coiffe: The Hair-Styling Haven located on #71 Frederick Street, Port of Spain. The salon, owned by hairstylist Nicole Missette, was transformed into an art gallery where models demonstrated her hair designs. This hair craft show took place on Sunday, August 5th, 2007, to a moderately-sized and appreciative audience who came to support the show as well as to learn hair creations with which they can experiment.

Model displays her hair craft
Model displays her hair craft

The day began with models getting their hair styled by Ms. Missette and her assistants. Hair sprays and gels scented the air as the main coiffeuse and other assistants molded and shaped hair into incredible designs. What was very noticeable and seemingly deliberate was the use of bright colours in several of the pieces to highlight the creativity of intricate, decorative patterns.

Also as part of the preparation process producer, entrepreneur, make-up artiste, model trainer and owner of Mannequins, Richard Young had prettied the faces of the models with colours ranging from the deepest blues to the brightest yellows. While this was being done, noted fashion designer and owner of Simply Garnett's boutique, Garnett D Andrade, assisted the models with their garments which were, of course, part of his artistic creations.

Model displays her hair craft
Model displays her hair craft

After the models had readied themselves, the audience, who had anxiously awaited the hair exhibition were finally treated to the fabulous creations. Models had walked into public viewing very boldly and proudly showcasing masterpieces atop their heads. Hair twists, coils, waves, spikes, curls, rolls and brightly colored streaks were all on display at the Port of Spain salon. The crowd that had gathered in the small space oohed and aahed at the fancy hairdos and the lovely outfits that had adorned the human canvases.

Following the showcase of hair, the models did a brief photo shoot with by St. Mary's College on Frederick Street much to the delight of passers-by.

Owner 'the Coiffe: The Hair-Styling Haven', Nicole Missette 
Owner of 'Coiffe: The Hair-Styling Haven', Nicole Missette
After the brief shoot, the group returned to the salon for the completion of the programme. Takeisha Huddlin did a splendid job showcasing her vocal abilities in Calypso and R&B singing Sandra 'Singing Sandra' DeVignes-Millington's "Voices from the Ghetto", and Beyonce's "Listen".

Also performing was classical Indian dancer, Shaheed Ali who truly entertained with his dynamic, high-energy performance bringing the formal proceedings to a close.

Although the entertainment was over, people still stayed around to chat and to congratulate the hair magician, Nicole Missette on a wonderful show.

The owner of the hairstyling business, Nicole Missette, has been involved in professional hairdressing for seventeen years. Previously she worked at a bank while doing hairdressing part-time until her friend, Richard Young, advised her to do hairdressing on a full-time basis. A graduate from New Expressions in New York, Ms. Missette has operated at this Port of Spain address for almost two years and is an expert in treating and styling hair of all lengths and types. She hopes in the future to publish her own magazine to be able to feature her hair craft.

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