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Winners of Miss Elegance Mom Beauty Pageant 2007
Winners of Miss Elegance Mom Beauty Pageant 2007 Reporters
Event Date: May 12, 2007
Posted: May 14, 2007

On Saturday 12th May, the Cascadia Ballroom, St. Ann's, hosted the "Miss Elegance Mom Beauty Pageant 2007", an event that has grown in popularity over the years. On the eve of Mother's Day celebrations the world over, the Miss Elegance Mom pageant celebrated the beauty of mothers and paid homage to the hard work, dedication, selflessness and confident beauty of motherhood. Eighteen talented contestants from all over Trinidad and Tobago competed for the title of Miss Elegance Mom by showcasing their abilities in the areas of elegance, talent and intelligence.

Arlene George 
Arlene George
The show opened with the national anthem, pre-recorded by Denise Plummer. The MC, Gemma Jordan, formally opened the show, apologizing for the late start and welcoming the audience to this evening of elegance. Ms. Arlene George, winner of Miss Elegance Mom 2005, took the stage next and again welcomed the audience. She explained that contrary to what some may think, beauty, sensuality and elegance are not separate from hard work, resilience and dedication. In fact, she stated, it is this kind of beauty that gets better with time and comes from within. It is the attempt to bring these ideas together that was the genesis of the show, which began in 2003 by Mr. Lindon Ross, who wanted to bring together the seemingly incongruent ideas of hard work, childrearing, and drudgery with those of beauty, elegance, sensuality and poise. Throughout the evening it was these ideas that were celebrated.

Ms. Jordan then introduced the esteemed judges for the evening who came from various areas of the fashion, beauty and entertainment industry. The judges were, Farron Julien-Peters, fitness instructor; Emrice Ingrid Henry, cosmetologist at All Ebony Beauty; Neueun Clarke, former Ms. World judge; Susan Gresham-Holland, fashion coordinator; Henrietta Carlton, former chaperone for the Talented Teens Competition; Lester Rouseo personal trainer to seventeen past Ms. World contestants and Magdalene Walcott, former Ms. Trinidad and Tobago. These judges had already completed the task of judging the contestants on intelligence, talent and in other areas pre-show.

At this point the much-anticipated part of the evening began, the arrival of the delegates. The ladies performed a choreographed dance in light blue dresses accented with fans and introduced themselves. The audience cheered enthusiastically for all the delegates, but as the introductions continued, some quickly emerged as crowd favourites owing to their particularly confident manner, articulate expression, poise and elegance. Supporters, family, and friends cheered the contestants on.

Miss Elegance Mom 2007 delegates performing their opening dance
Miss Elegance Mom 2007 delegates performing their opening dance

The eighteen contestants were as follows:

1. Janelle Weekes, Ms. Touch of Glass of D'abadie
2. Nikesha Ramlal, Ms. Roti Master of Chaguanas
3. Celeste Marshal, Ms. Crown Caterers of Barataria
4. Moronica Patrick, Ms. Crosby of Carenage
5. Christa Pharrel, Ms. Land Tech of St. Mary's Village
6. Hanessa Marie Stevens, Ms. Family
7. Kay Apparecio, Ms. S & A Boutique of Santa Cruz
8. Nizelle Timothy, Tee's Shipping Agency
9. Naomi Hatshepsut Abiola, Ms. Sun Downers Beach Bar of Tobago
10. Aisha Lashley, Ms. Trinidad Dock and Fishing Services, Carenage
11. Frances Victoria Quash, Ms. Hector's, San Juan
12. Sherlana Sam, Ms. Molly's Boutique, Laventille
13. Priscilla George, Ms. P.G. Designs, La Romain
14. Luann Douglas-Noel, Ms. Marva's Nail Salon
15. Laverne Bain, Ms. Donawa's Tech of Carenage
16. Patricia Smith, Ms. Puff and Stuff of Marbella
17. Sharlene Modeste, Ms. Palm Tree Tours and Training Institute
18. Sharon Alexis, Ms. Lyn Jyn's Designs of Port of Spain

Sharon Alexis, Ms. Lyn Jyn's Designs of Port of Spain 
Sharon Alexis, Ms. Lyn Jyn's Designs of Port of Spain
As the crowd buzzed discussing their favourites, Mr. Garvin Ross took the stage where he performed two appropriate selections in celebration of the mothers and grandmothers who had graced the stage and the mothers in the audience. In his beautiful, rich baritone, he performed popular selections "One in a Million" and "Always and Forever" much to the delight of the crowd.

The delegates once more returned to the stage where they modeled casual wear, showcasing their sense of style, flair and stage presence. Dressed in a variety of styles from sun dresses and day suits, to casual shorts, stylish sun hats and boots, the delegates thrilled the audience who enjoyed every moment of their appearances. Makeup and hair stylist services were provided by Sacha Cosmetics, Desiree Jones, Shawna Maharaj of Smoosh, Nitra Steward, Arlene Phillip-Jackman, Carlisle Polydore and Latoya Hunte.

As the delegates left the stage, Steven Marcelle, an artist comfortable in the genres of Calypso as well as R&B ballads performed next, serenading the mothers in the crowd and paying tribute to the delegates singing "Hero" by Enrique Eglesias and "Buy Me A Rose" by Luther Vandross. At this point, the programme paused for a brief intermission.

The Pageant continued with another of the more anticipated segments - the delegates modeling evening gowns. Janelle Weekes wore a striking red gown entitled "Fierce Mother", designed by Derek Casanova; Nikesha Ramlal donned "Africa's Wealth" designed by Don Alexis and Celeste Marshal wore a rich green gown titled "The Emerald Paradise" designed by Jay Mills. Moronica Patrick, Christa Pharrel and Hanessa Stevens wore "Jewel of the Caribbean" by Fingers; "Nature's Valley" by Lynette Atherly, and a black and silver gown designed by Shirley's Exclusive of Los Angeles respectively. Kay Apparecio wore a gown entitled "Russet Glory" designed by Dominique La Roche; Nizelle Timothy wore an Ann-Marie Richards' gown called "Splendour of the Nile"; and Naomi Hatshepsut Abiola donned a gown made by Jazz Couture called "My Story". Aisha Lashley donned "Envy" by Carlisle Polydore and Frances Quash also wore a Carlisle Polydore creation called "Ebony and Ivory". Sherlana Sam donned "Moonlight and Midnight"; Priscilla George wore "The Beauty Within"; Luann Douglas-Noel wore "Serenity"; Laverne Bain's gown was called "Sunset on the Horizon"; Patricia Smith's gown was called "Simply Beautiful"; Sharlene Modeste's gown was called "Egyptian Glory"; and Sharon Alexis' gown was called "Irresistable Temptation".

Naomi Hatshepsut Abiola in her gown entitled 'My Story' designed by Jazz Couture 
Naomi Hatshepsut Abiola in her gown entitled "My Story" designed by Jazz Couture

At this point the crowd's favourites began to become a little clearer, as responses to Sherlana Sam, Sharon Alexis, Laverne Bain and Naomi Hatshepsut Abiola, among others, were enthusiastic and appreciative.

Garvin Rodgers again took the stage and serenaded all the delegates with "Mama" by Boys to Men, for what would be the last time many of the delegates would take the stage, as after a lengthy period of judges' deliberation, the ten semi-finalists would be announced.

As the crowd waited in suspense for the judges' decision, the MC took the time to thank all the sponsors who contributed trophies or supported financially and otherwise. Sponsors included Rick's Entertainment, John Benoit, The Well Pub, Atiba Charles, Island Club, Sweet Lime, Mom's for Literacy and many others.

After much anticipation, the field was narrowed to eleven semi-finalists: Laverne Bain, Christa Pharrel, Naomi Hatshepsut Abiola, Nikesha Ramlal, Aisha Lashley, Priscilla George, Celeste Marshal, Sharlene Modeste, Sherlana Sam, Patricia Smith and Sharon Alexis, all of whom largely were deemed deserving by the crowd.

The nerve wracking question and answer segment followed in which some favourites floundered and others shone. Sherlana Sam, Celeste Marshal, Nikesha Ramlal, Naomi Abiola, and Sharon Alexis gave some clear and articulate answers that were popular with the crowd. The judges deliberated again and the field was narrowed once more to six finalists. These were Naomi Hatshepsut Abiola, Nikesha Ramlal, Celeste Marshall, Sharlene Modeste, and Sherlana Sam. The crowd, however, appeared to question the non-inclusion of Sharon Alexis, mother of three and grandmother of two, who was a crowd favourite from early on in the competition.

As the judges deliberated again, door prizes were announced and a floral arrangement was presented to Rhona Ross, mother of organizer of the competition, Lindon Ross, by her daughter Deborah.

Natasha Adler, winner of the Miss Elegance Mom Pageant in 2006
Natasha Adler, winner of the Miss Elegance Mom Pageant in 2006

Natasha Adler, winner of the Miss Elegance Mom Pageant in 2006, made her final walk and the audience heard a recording of her thoughts on the past year of her reign where she reflected on what she had learned over the period and the charity work in which she had been involved. With the final moments approaching, all the delegates returned to the stage where special prizes were awarded.

As the competition came to a close the winner showed herself to one that had been quite popular with the crowd from the beginning: Naomi Hatshepsut Abiola. The crowd applauded enthusiastically, glad that their favourite was victorious.

In final winners were:

Naomi Hatcshepsut Abiola – Winner
Sherlana Sam – 1st runner up
Patricia Smith – 2nd runner up
Sharlene Modeste – 3rd runner up
Nikesha Ramlal – 4th runner up
Celeste Marshal – 5th runner up

Special prizes were also awarded to:

Sherlana Sam – Best Singer, Best Introductory Speech
Priscilla George – Best Lip Sync, Ms. Congeniality
Nikesha Ramlal – Best Dancer, Best Makeup, Best Complexion
Naomi Hatshepsut Abiola – Best Monologue, Best Talent, Most Intelligent, Best Evening Gown
Patricia Smith – Best Casual Wear, Best Smile, Most Supportive Delegate, Most Photogenic
Janelle Weeks – Best Personal Style
Celeste Marshal – Best Physique
Christa Pharrel – Best Hairstyle
Nizelle Timothy – Most Dedicated Delegate
Sharon Alexis – Most Improved Delegate

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