Brianna Deppeaza Wins Holiday Fun Pageant

LEFT: First runner-up, winner and second runner-up in the Holiday Fun Pageant 2007
LEFT: First runner-up, winner and second runner-up in the Holiday Fun Pageant 2007 Reporters
Event Date: August 11, 2007
Posted: August 15, 2007

The Holiday Fun Pageant 2007 took place on Saturday 11th August, 2007, at City Hall, Port of Spain. Although the weather was unpredictable, parents, siblings and other supporters made their way to City Hall to support the little delegates in their dandy outfits showcasing their talents.

The event started around 4.47pm to a full room of enthusiastic supporters. After Anna Smith-Lincoln performed the opening prayer, the judges of the pageant show were introduced. They were: Anika Gaspard, Delise Charles, Deann Hills and Duane Austin.

Immediately following was the first entrance of the delegates who ranged from 6 to 10 years of age. The delegates proudly introduced themselves, the area that they represented and shared a little bit about themselves.

Holiday Fun Pageant 2007 delegates enter the stage
Holiday Fun Pageant 2007 delegates enter the stage

What was interesting about this particular pageant was the ability to successfully fuse the structure of a beauty pageant with study of the country; this time, the island of Tobago. Delegates were assigned to study particular areas in Tobago and perform talents relating to their research. The names of the pageanteers, the area that they represented and their talents are listed below:

Name / Area / Talent

Georgiana Ogir / Store Bay / Belle Dance
Ashlyn Mohammed / Pigeon Point / Poem on Pigeon Point
Zakiya Griffith / Speyside Reef / Monologue about Speyside Reef
Makeisha George / Arnos Vale Water Wheel / Singing "Sugar Boy"
Maia Edwards / Fort Cambleton / Monologue about Fort Cambleton
Zakiya Fleming / Lover's Retreat / Poem "Welcome to Tobago"
Rebekah Cazeau / Argyle Waterfall / A skit about Argyle Waterfall
Tamara Charles / Nylon Poola / Poem "My Special Friend"
Brianna Deppeaza / Buccoo Reef / Belle Dance
Adella Graham / Speyside Waterwheel / Dance to Nadia Batson's "Caribbean Girl"
Thais Edwards / Canoe Bay / Traditional Tobagonian Folk Dance

Brianna Deppeaza representing Buccoo Reef in evening wear 
Brianna Deppeaza representing Buccoo Reef
The delegates modeled evening gowns which were themed after the area in which they represented. The evening gowns were very creative, with intricate designs and patterns on their dresses and headpieces, in bright colours that lit the room.

Making brief appearances were the delegates of the Miss Pretty Plus Pageant who introduced themselves to the audience and who would soon engage in the Miss Pretty Plus Pageant this upcoming weekend.

Entertaining that evening were: The Lydian Singers, the Shiv Shakti Dancers, Unity Tassa Group, Darren Reid on the Pan, Sherlana Sam singing "If I Could" and Joel Wrenwick; Calypso veteran Samuel 'Brigo' Abraham, the MC Knycky Cordner and Shinice Samuel who serenaded the Holiday Fun Pageant 2007 delegates.

Also providing excitement for the audience was the announcement of special prizes: Best Dressed Child (female) Alexis Perez; Best Dressed Child (male) Shakeem Roberts; Best Dressed Adult (female) Valerie Bascombe; and Best Dressed Adult (male) Leroy 'Conqueror' Paul.

After the final walk and presentation of gifts to Junior Miss Holiday Fun Pageant 2006, Andrea Perreira, and Senior Miss Holiday Fun Pageant 2006, Dernesia Charles, special prizes were given to the delegates.

Special Prizes / Contestant

Miss Congeniality / Georgiana Ogir
Most Photogenic / Ashlyn Mohammed
Miss Personality / Adella Graham
Miss Pageant Spirit / Rebekah Cazeau
Best Model / Tamara Charles
Best Casual Wear / Makeisha George
Best Cultural Wear / Brianna Deppeaza
Best Tobago Presentation / Zakiya Griffith
Donation Sheet Winners / Brianna Deppeaza and Makeisha George
Best Overall Appearance / Brianna Deppeaza
Best Smile / Maia Edwards
Most Improved / Thais Edwards

Finally, the moment that all had anxiously awaited, the first, second and third place winners. They were:

Winner of the Holiday Fun Pageant 2007 / Brianna Deppeaza First Runner-up / Zakiya Fleming Second Runner-up / Zakiya Griffith

After the pageant had ended, the girls hugged and congratulated each other on their victories. Friends and other family members had also assembled in front of the stage to praise the delegates on their victories. Although a year away, next year's pageant competition is highly anticipated and it is left to be seen to whom Brianna Deppeaza, Miss Holiday Fun Pageant 2007, would pass the crown.

Holiday Fun Pageant 2007 in pictures:

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