Macafouchette Size 12 and Over Fashion Show

Models at the Macafouchette Size 12 and Over Fashion Show
Models at the Macafouchette Size 12 and Over Fashion Show Reporters
Event Date: June 17, 2007
Posted: June 20, 2007

"Macafoucette 12 and Over Fashion Show" was held at the University of the West Indies' Staff Common Room, St. Augustine, on Sunday 17th June, 2007; the day when many families would usually be at home celebrating Father's Day. Despite this, a moderately-sized crowd opted to spend the afternoon enjoying the fashionable designs of Lons Fashions - a Father's Day with a difference. This fashion extravaganza, hosted by the Barataria Action Group, featured full-figured models, size 12 and over; a welcome change from the traditional rail-thin model standard that dominates the international fashion markets. With models of all ages and of various sizes across the full-figured spectrum, this event was indeed a welcome and entertaining way to spend Father's Day.

The layout for the show was quite innovative and made use of the split-level layout of the venue. Instead of the traditional format where models parade on a straight catwalk with the audience seated on either side, the models of Macafoucette moved through the audience on both levels of the venue: on the top level as well as on the outdoor court and near the bar area.

Model at the Macafouchette Size 12 and Over Fashion Show 
Model at the Macafouchette Size 12 & Over Fashion Show 
The event got off to a late start with patrons arriving to find the organizers still setting up the venue. When the event did get underway at 4:30 PM, despite the advertised 4:00 PM start time, patrons quickly settled in to enjoy a fashionable evening.

After a short prayer, the voice of Artistic Director, Richard Young, could be heard providing commentary for the show. The first section, entitled "Suit Yourself" featured fashionable corporate attire in the traditional muted colours of navy, black and grey as well as bright colours and floral patterns showing a strong Caribbean influence. The smartly dressed and stylish models showed that corporate wear could be both fashionable and professional.

The second section, "Capricious", changed the mood from professional to fun and flirty as it featured the various incarnations of the popular and versatile 'Capri' pants. Styles ranged from ultra casual pants that cut just above or just below the knee, in light, airy coloured fabrics and sporty cuts perfect for liming and partying, to those that cut a bit longer on the calf in more sleek, elegant styles perfect for an evening event or an elegantly casual day event. The designs of Lons Fashions showed that there is certainly a vibrant market for fashionable and elegant clothes for full-figured women, something that other fashion outlets and merchandisers would do well to note.

The show experienced a brief hiccup when it was announced that dancers were to be featured as part of the show after the end of "Capricious", but as the audience waited in anticipation, no dancers were forthcoming. Organizers rushed about for a few minutes but no announcement was made to explain the mishap and no one seemed able to recover from the gaffe and continue with the show. After almost five minutes, four dancers from the Jonah Regis Dance School of SWWTU Hall, Wrightson Road, took the stage much to the relief of the relatively understanding audience. Their presentation of the local "Heel and Toe" folk dance, done ballroom style was an entertaining and interesting element of the evening's proceedings.

Models at the Macafouchette Size 12 and Over Fashion Show
Models at the Macafouchette Size 12 and Over Fashion Show

The fashion continued with "Match Maker, Match Maker, Make Me A Match" which featured stylish separates that were versatile and chic, perfect for any occasion. The pieces were in a variety of colours and fabrics, making them quite easy to mix and match and make your own. Audience members were seen taking photographs and commenting on their favourites among the many outfits featured by Lons Fashions. Along with the full-figured models, the event also featured two guest models Nicola Sammy, winner of Miss Elegance Mom, 2006 and Safiya Alva-Albert, one of the winners of the Synergy Model Search 2006.

Unfortunately, as the evening continued, the event continued to be plagued by hiccups, particularly with the music, with CDs malfunctioning, causing breaks in the music and various songs not appearing to flow into each other, sometimes shifting awkwardly from genre to genre and pace to pace, despite the fact that an attempt seemed to have been made to have a particular style of music to suit each section. These hiccups continued to mar this otherwise entertaining event.

The next section "Fandango" began with a bang. This section was set to vibrant Soca music and featured fun and flirty sundresses, all either just above or just below the knee paired with hats of various styles that indeed lived up to the theme of the section, "flair, fantasy and frivolity". The dresses were easily some of the most enjoyable pieces of the evening, in various styles, prints, fabrics and hues, dynamically complimented by hats that went from sporty and contemporary to those that called to mind elegant garden parties and Sunday morning church services.

Model at the Macafouchette Size 12 and Over Fashion Show 
Model at the Macafouchette Size 12 & Over Fashion Show 
The following section "Body Gossip" featured the models in swim wear: beach and pool fashion, all tastefully adorned with wraps, scarves, hats and other accessories. The stylish swimwear, both one and two piece in various colours and styles, enhanced the beauty and sensuality of the confident models and were beautifully highlighted by the accessories provided by Mane and Masu of Green Street, Arima, with makeup done by Dominique la Roche and Marie Cumberbatch. It was refreshing and beautiful to see women of various body shapes and sizes in swimwear, feeling confident with their natural bodies. At this point, there was a brief intermission where patrons milled around and patronized the bar for refreshments.

During the intermission had a chance to talk to Londa Young, the owner of Lons Fashions. A very stylish, full-figured woman herself, Ms. Young told us that she always wanted to do a show that highlighted full-figured, curvaceous women that went against the stereotype that anyone beautiful and fashionable had to be rail-thin. She, along with associate Richard Young, held a model search and she was thrilled at the number of women who wanted to be a part of such a show. She said there was an overwhelming response from the public to the idea of such a show and spoke of people who had called from abroad and made appointments to visit her store.

Lons Fashions is no ordinary store. Located at #28 Fourth Street, Barataria, Londa Young does not just sell clothes, she styles women; giving advice on fashion, colours, cuts and styles that are particularly suited for each individual woman's body. All visits are by appointment only, where she chats with the customer extensively, getting an idea of her lifestyle, preferences and personal style. At Lons Fashions, the focus is on pleasing each customer and making her look the best that she can and not on simply making sales. She spoke of a common problem that many bigger women, like herself, face, even when buying larger clothes: "Sometimes, even when you buy "big girl" clothes, they come in "small girl" styles. This, she said in speaking of the use of inappropriate fabrics and cuts for women with fuller figures. At Lons Fashions, she always strives to ensure that all clothes are appropriate for each woman and strives for fashion that is chic but natural and unpretentious. This ethos was evident in the clothes that were on display at the show; all items looked as though they were tailor-made for the model and seemed to fit her individual styles. "Look around you," she requested, "many of the people in attendance are wearing clothes from Lons Fashions!"

 Patrice Roberts and Terri Lyons
 Patrice Roberts and Terri Lyons
The second half of the show began with "Nocturne Nostalgia", a section in striking black and white with pieces ranging from elegantly casual and chic to sensual, formal black gowns. In addition to the dresses and accessories, special mention must be made of the exquisite footwear worn by the models, also available at Lons Fashions. As a special part of this section, Soca diva Patrice Roberts made a brief appearance, wearing one of Lons Fashions' chic, delectable designs from "Nocturne Nostalgia" while singing her Carnival hit "Sugar Boy" and a new R&B-influenced song. Both renditions had the audience singing along to her dynamic performance.

After a few door prizes were distributed; the winners receiving a stay at the Long Circular Mall Health Club; a beautiful section called "More Drama" began featuring formal evening dresses of varying lengths and fabrics from airy chiffon to deep sensual velvet. The Bossa Nova and Salsa-influenced music for this section was indeed appropriate for what would be the crescendo of the evening and highlighted the dramatic and highly visual styles of these gowns. Particularly beautiful were a few gowns that featured intricate beadwork and patterns that played off the striking colors of the pieces.

The fashion extravaganza concluded with a final walk by the entire cast of models both in evening and elegantly casual wear. The hearty applause of the crowd was evidence of their appreciation for the distinctive fashion and the engaging and entertaining performances by the cast. A final performance by the indomitable Terri Lyons ended the show, with her powerful and emotional song "Ah Feel It", much to the delight of the audience.

The organizers officially closed the evening by thanking the crew, Mane and Masu, the models and makeup artistes Dominique la Roche and Marie Cumberbatch for all their hard work. Departing patrons declared enthusiastically how much they enjoyed the evening and many promised to visit the store to try their hands at the Lons Fashions experience. The evening overall was quite an entertaining one, despite brief technical and organizational problems, and it certainly contributed, in its own way, to breaking the stereotype of 'model beauty' and encouraging people to embrace their own natural beauty.

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