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My mother cried for you Jizelle

By Derron Ellies
Posted: December 06, 2009

When you were born, you were born a champion
Now that you are gone, you are gone a champion
Eight titles you fought for to prove you were a champion
Not one opponent could even begin to move you, the champion

It's a short time, yes, but we enjoyed it all the way
All the same, January 4th '09 was not our lucky day
We may never understand exactly why you had to leave
But we're grateful for you giving us the courage to achieve

The poise, the eloquence, the grace of a champion
Arms and fists that could smash the face of a champion
Stamina to handle all the pace of a champion
Now who can we find to take the place of our champion?

It's a short time, yes, but worth every minute
Every spectator would say they were proud to be in it
The tension, the electricity, the pore raising hype
Working with your hands like a chef works with a knife

The energy, charisma and the gears of a champion
You did well in your 21 years as a champion
Every battle won was hailed with cheers for the champion
Now we, T&T, salute with tears, our champion

It's a short time, yes, but you remain undefeated
By any mortal fighter, scared or conceited
And as you join the ranks of God's angels
So in Armageddon, you should fight alongside St Michael

The heart, the mind, the soul of a champion
And you always understood your role as a champion
No liquor, dope or smoke in this body of a champion
Lack of sleep was the factor in this tragedy, dear champion

It's a short time, yes, but it's too late right now
To mull over whens, or whys, or hows
The should haves, could haves, would haves won't revive you
Any lesson from your death should be learnt by those who survive you

We loved you then, and we love you now, our champion
And as we bid you goodbye, we solemnly vow, dear champion
To instill those values you reinforced as a champion
In ourselves, so our generation would not be lost, lovely champion

It's a short time, yes, and a bad start for the year
Whether or not it was your time, doesn't make it fair
But we have memories of your smile and spunk to help decrease
The pain we feel, and so we bid you, Jizelle...farewell...

Rest In Peace.

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