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  • Emancipation Support Committee
    The Emancipation Support Committee of Trinidad and Tobago is an African organization, which for the last 12 years, has been commemorating the emancipation of Africans from chattel slavery on August 1st, 1838 with public lectures, trade shows, concerts and processions.

  • Government Ministries
    National Library links to Government Ministries

  • Lydians, The
    Led by Pat Bishop, the 25 year old Lydians is one of the foremost musical organizations in the Caribbean region. They have performed before many appreciative national and international audiences.

  • National Joint Action Committee
    The National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) has organised and mobilized people, struggled and demonstrated around community issues. They were at the forefront of the famous 1970 Black Power Uprising in Trinidad. 

  • Pan In The Community
    Pan in the Community, INC. was founded in July 1999 by Anthony and Anita Mc Farlane, migrated from Trinidad and Tobago in 1992. This Organization was formed so that the steel drums, referred to or called "pans" could be used as the medium of music in which young people could be refocused into a more positive behaviour.

  • Pan Jumbie
    Pan Jumbie is a Switzerland based news board.

  • Pan Podium
    Pan Podium is the official magazine of the British Association of Steelbands. It is published bi-annually.

  • Race and History
    An historical digest.

  • Santa Rosa Carib Community
    This site is written primarily for members of the general public, students between the ages of 9 and 20, and persons with more specialized interests.

  • Trinbago Pan
    An unofficial Website on the history of the steelpan. Quite informative indeed. (an affiliate of

  • Trinicenter
    A Triidad and Tobago based Website that promotes global historical, political, and scientific awareness. (an affiliate of

  • Trinidad and Tobago News
    A Grassroots alternative online newspaper that is based in Trinidad and Tobago. (an affiliate of

  • Trinidad Hotels/Inns/Resorts aka Roger's Trinbago Website listing of Hotels, Inns and Resorts in Trinidad.

  • Trinis in London
    The name says it all.

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