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Commentor passes on
Posted: Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Brian Honore, the ace traditional ole mas character - The Midnight Robber
Brian Honore - The Midnight Robber

By Terry Joseph

Trinidad's most popular "Midnight Robber" character both in an out of Carnival, Brian Honore, died yesterday morning of a heart attack.

He was known in entertainment circles as Commentor.

Commentor, 50 , who, by day, taught at Mucurapo Senior Comprehensive School, was about to enter his car to go to work when he succumbed outside his Cascade home. Family members were still in shock when contacted by the Daily Express, a male relative only able to say it was a very tough time for them and details would soon be available to the media.

Among the earliest registrants of the Copyright Organisation (COTT) and a vigorous anti-piracy campaigner, Commentor was best known for his Midnight Robber portrayals and praised for his willingness to impart knowledge of the various techniques involved in that characterisation. He recorded several of his more famous speeches, including "Battle Cry of the Young Brigade", "Blood Money", "Children of Soweto", "Country Club Scandal", "Dragon Slayer" and "Satellite Robber".

COTT CEO Allison Demas described him as a kind and forever smiling person, whose personality was exactly opposite to the dreaded character he so flawlessly portrayed. "Even his most biting barbs were always delivered with sensitivity and in the best taste and despite his known condition, he was forever volunteering to help with every project," Demas said.

He was equally active as a member of the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO) whose president, Michael "Protector" Legerton, yesterday said Commentor will be sadly missed. "We knew he was not in the best of health, but everyone was taken aback on hearing of his passing," he said.

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