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Video CameraImproving our cultural coverage on these websites also requires additional cameras and other equipment to record and add quality video and audio clips. If you wish to contribute, please make a donation.
We are offering a range of photographic and other services for graduations, workshops, weddings, parties, individual and group portraits, private and public functions, corporate and community events.
E.g. The Williams' Wedding
and A Hindu Wedding.
Calypso and Carnival Personalities
Chinese Bicentennial These services include photography, processing and printing of photos and developing CD and DVD photo collections from the high-resolution photographs taken by our photographers. Printed photos can also be supplied in photo albums.
You can request prints of specific images from our vast archive spanning different areas and events within Trinidad and Tobago. (How to order prints.)

We also offer articles or reports on your special events.
Hindu Wedding
Trinidad Raises First Offshore Gas Rig We cover commercial events including business launches, seminars, company family days, company sporting events and other business projects that can be featured on our sites. We also do business profiles. For more details contact us.
If you wish to use photographs from, and for promotions and publications including internet, newspaper and television publications, please
contact us.

House along Syfoo trace Granville

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