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Event Date: July 07, 2007

The Rhythm and Style Dance Company held a dance exhibition on Saturday 7th July, 2007, at the Villa Maria Inn in Maraval, which was attended by scores of Latin dance lovers. Couples danced gracefully to the rhythmic Latin music, with the more experienced dancers demonstrating their skills.

Michael Fortune, the Director of Dance at the Rhythm and Style Dance Company, introduced the ten dancers slated to represent Trinidad and Tobago in the International Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico. The dancers, clad in black with some wearing masks, took to the centre of the dance floor. Led by Kyle Ali, they exhibited a well-choreographed dance routine to the delight of the onlooking Latin dance lovers gathered.

The International Salsa Congress took place between July 22nd and 28th in Puerto Rico where the Rhythm and Style Dance Company participated for the second time. This Congress facilitates dancers from all over the world coming together and performing. As part of this seven day festival, Mr. Fortune predicted that there will be exhibitions, competitions, as well as workshops where the more experienced and recognized Salsa dancers will teach basic and advanced level Salsa.

Tracie, one of the dancers carded to perform at the exhibition, said that they have been preparing for a whole year. She outlined that in the festival, which is seen as the best of the best as far as Latin dancing is concerned, the team was looking forward to inputting a Soca flavour into their routine. She further commented that the Latin arena in Trinidad is vibrant and growing and that participation in this international Latin dancing event was part of the move to take Latin dancing in Trinidad to a higher level.

Guytyn Ottley, another dancer, highlighted that Trinidad's participation in the Congress is significant as it means that they have the ability to perform and be recognized as being among the world's best. He said that the team is very confident and is looking forward to participating. He expressed that the local Salsa arena has a lot of talent and more young people are getting involved.

The Rhythm and Style Dance Company has been in existence for three years and according to one of its members is the only performing Ballroom/Latin Dance company in the country. It is run by three directors: Kyle Ali, Michael Fortune and Tisha Castillo. Michael Fortune mentioned that one of their aims is to participate in the World Salsa Championships that are held in Las Vegas every year. Like Tracie, he mentioned the importance of the infusion of Soca music, saying that it is a way for the dancers to identify themselves and be ambassadors of Trinidad and Tobago.

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