St. Charles R.C. Church Easter Bonnet Parade Reporters
Event Date: April 15, 2007
Posted: April 19, 2007

Zaria Pinder in her Easter Bonnet attire 
Zaria Pinder in her Easter Bonnet attire "Plumes in Bloom" 
Although the Easter weekend had passed a week before, the Easter feeling had not yet been diminished at the St. Charles R.C. Church, Tunapuna, which held its Annual Easter Bonnet Parade on Monday 16th April, 2007. Put on by the St. Charles R.C. Church Easter Bonnet Organizing Committee, the event was staged in an area bordered by three buildings, including the Tunapuna Girls' R.C. School and the church itself. There were two tents placed next to each other which housed the audience comprised of parents, siblings and other supporters of the pageanteers.

The sun blazed at two hours and forty-five minutes after noon at the start of the show and the white clouds parted to show the brilliant blue mood of the sky. Ronnie Nanton and Risha Gibbons played the National Anthem to begin the programme followed by the opening prayer by Fr. Reginald Hezekiah.

The Easter Bonnet Pageant contestants began by strutting across the open yard and parading in front of the judges and then making their way through the audience so that all could have a close look at the intricacies of the costumes. Costumes ranged in size, texture and colour and all displayed creativity in their designs. Although many of the pageanteers had paraded in several competitions before this one, the environment created a new freshness to their Easter wear.

Some of the creative costumes included N'Janela Regis' "Call Me Easter", Tschana Noreiga's "My Easter Lime", Jamilla White's "Easter Sunset in the Sahara" and Sharnice Bailey's "Funky Chicken". Each of these costumes worked around an artistic theme and the wearers displayed them well.

Although all costumes had touched the audience and the judges, not all had scored high enough to gain first, second, or third placement. The winners and their categories are as follows:

3 Years and Under category

1st / N'Janela Regis / "Call Me Easter"
2nd / Afiya Joseph / "Paint Me Pretty"
3rd / Adira Jasmin Ali / "Ms. Daisy & Her Easter Eggs"

4 - 6 Years Old category

1st / Chianne Davidson / "Morning Glory"
2nd / Brianna De Peaza / "Easter of Long Ago"
3rd / Tschana Noreiga / "My Easter Lime"

7 - 9 Years Old category

1st / Anila Mulzac / "Easter Energy Burst"
2nd / Shania Ramjit / "An Easter Rose in the Caribbean"
3rd / Anastacia Charles Anastacia / "Easter in the Caribbean"

10-14 Years Old category

1st / Zaria Pinder / "Plumes in Bloom"
2nd / Tracell Frederick / "My Easter Pearl"
3rd / Ayanna Davidson / "My Sleeping Bunny"

15 - 18 Years Old category

1st / Nikisha Ali / "Nature's Sweet Beauty"
2nd / Jamilla White / "Easter Sunset in the Sahara"
3rd / Fariyah Ali / "Natural Meets Artificial"

Adults category

1st / Lystra Mulzac / "Splendor of the Buccoo Reef"
2nd / Charmaine Seales / "Easter Interlude"
3rd / Denise Bruce / "Plumes at Easter"

Costumed category

1st / Brianna De Peaza / "Ice Empress"
2nd / Anastasia Charles / "Going to the Market"
3rd / Sharnice Bailey / "Funky Chicken"

Couples category

1st / Anita and Lystra Mulzac / "A Brilliant Connection"
2nd / Deleth Charles and Aquila Pereira / "La Dame Creole and the Easter Saga Boy"
3rd / Nicholas West and Shona Mc Lean / "Easter Bunny Meets the Bonnet Carrier"

Also making appearances were masqueraders from Rosalind Gabriel's 2007 Carnival presentation, "Many Faces, One Nation" and Ezekiel Yorke with his Calypso "From the Cradle to the Grave". Maria Alexander who acted as master of ceremonies also wore another hat as entertainer providing the audience with a few songs at the end of the programme.

Due to the growing popularity of this pageant, next year promises larger audiences and even grander costumes.

St. Charles RC Church Easter Bonnet Parade in pictures:

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