Condolences for Tito Lara

Family and friends view Tito Lara's body for the last time
Family and friends view Tito Lara's body for the last time

As a Venezuelan living in Trinidad and Tobago, it has been an honour, and more as a diplomat a greater honour, to have enjoyed the music of the Lara Brothers, and with that said, in particular that made by Tito Lara. In his music together with the music of the Lara Brothers I had the chance, a glance, to the true reflection of our common history, the history of two sister nations Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela that, due to the centuries and to the envy of many, have drifted apart, to the point that we do not recognize our sisterhood. But there was always a light in the window, in the door of the Parranderos that show us, Venezuelans and Latin Americans, the road to the Parranderos heart, the road to Trinidad and Tobago. Yes, that one that belongs to Latin-American, that is Latin-American in soul. Nothing will be the same with the loss of Tito Lara here on earth and nothing will be the same with Tito Lara in heaven, who I imagine is singing his Serenal o Pasen Pasen opening the doors of heaven.

As a Venezuelan, as a diplomat representing my country, I would like to manifest my deepest respect and gratitude to Tito Lara, and the assurance of my highest consideration to his memory and the music, as well as the music of the Lara Brothers, my highest respect, "Sweet compatriots", my highest respect to you "Parranderos" as your music will never die and like Tito you have reached immortality in our soul in our earth.

Gilberto Jaimes-Correa
Head of Trade
Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

On behalf of the Lopinot Tourism Action Committee in collaboration with La Belleza De Dios (The beauty of God's Creation) we would like to extend our deepest condolences to the bereaved family, friends and acquaintances of this great cultural ambassador, Senor Tito Lara.

Parranderos and lovers of Parang music both local and international are saddened by Tito's demise. Tito was a true role model. He always kept a smile and was very jovial. On the other hand, his band, the Lara Brothers is one of the oldest Parang bands which has built a name. This band is unique and their performance has always been outstanding with authentic Parang.

People who love our Parang music from our beautiful twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago as well as across the globe would tell you that the Lara Brothers Parang Band from Santa Cruz is one of their favorites. This band is a true role model not only on stage, but Tito's leadership style one has created real disciplined band. People look at attitudes, that's why the Lara Brothers band had the opportunity to do some international travel and performances. Tito had a passion for Parang. It was his life and he built and left a great legacy for our Parang. It was his life and he built and left a great legacy for our Parang.

Let's say muchas gracias. Thank you Tito for the great foundation you have built.

The Lopinot Tourism Action Committee

I had the honour as master of ceremonies with the National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago to introduce the Lara Brothers on stage. At times my co-MC Senor Hollis Cielto would say, "Farouk, you see Lara Brothers Band, that is my band and I want to introduce them."

The audience gets energized when the Lara Brothers perform. The entire atmosphere changes with anticipation of great authentic Parang which the audience always enjoys as Tito and Willie would sing with their golden voices.

I remember once I emceed an NPATT programme in Santa Cruz. The Lara Brothers came and performed. Tito Lara was ill and was not with the band that night. So I mentioned on the air that we hope and pray that Tito gets a speedy recovery. A few days later, I paid him a visit and he was very pleased with what he heard me say on the radio. We discussed his health situation. Guess what? It was about two weeks after Lara Brothers had a Parang assignment on the Arima Old Road and Tito was there singing.

I would like to suggest that the great work that senor Tito Lara has done for the development of this great art form we call Parang, that the government of Trinidad and Tobago, the National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago, the lovers of Parang music, both local and abroad, together with the people of Santa Cruz, you should look at building a facility which can enhance the community in the name of Senior Tito Lara. The Lara Brothers archive would be placed in it. Be it a home for the elderly, a Parrandero institute, a multi-purpose institute. Let's take a holistic approach to this venture.

Muchiscimas gracias por todos y vaya con dios.

Yours respectfully,
Farouk Khan,
Public Relations Officer.

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