A Hindu Wedding thanks the newly wedded couple, Mr. and Mrs. Seegobin, Geeta's family, the Maharaj's, Indra and Riannah Ramdhanie, and all the villagers who allowed us to share in the Hindu wedding celebrations at Welcome Road South, Enterprise, Chaguanas.

Hindu Wedding in Enterprise, Chaguanas

Maticoor Night in pictures
Maticoor Night: The Dulahin's Feminine Zone
December 15, 2006
On Friday 15th December, 2006, the first night of preparation for the wedding between Geeta Maharaj of Welcome Road South, Enterprise Chaguanas and Kishan Seegobin also of Chaguanas, was able to share in this celebration.

Maticoor Night in pictures
Interview with Indra on Maticoor Night
December 15, 2006
The Maticoor night of the Hindu pre-wedding celebrations took place on Friday 15th December, 2006. did a brief interview with Indra Lillawtie Ramdhania, an aunt of the bride, to gather a bit of information about what takes place ...

Maticoor Night in pictures
Triniview Chats with Geeta Maharaj
December 15, 2006
After the Maticoor night ceremonies ended, interviewed Geeta Maharaj, the bride to be. Among other things, she shared about her beloved Kishan Seegobin and the village she
grew up in.

Preparations for the Wedding in pictures
The Eve of the Hindu Wedding
December 16, 2006
Saturday being the eve of the wedding, was all about preparing for the big day ahead. The house, just as it was the day before, was filled with friends and family who arrived early to assist Geeta, the dulahin, in the final preparations ...

The Hindu Wedding Ceremony in pictures
The Hindu Wedding Ceremony
December 17, 2006
The most anticipated day of the wedding celebrations was finally here: the ritualistic Hindu wedding ceremony. This final day of the wedding ceremony, which took place on Sunday 17th December, 2006, was the culmination ...

Video Clips
» Making 'buss-up-shot' and Curry - Dec. 16, 2006
» Tassa Drumming - Dec. 17, 2006
» Dancing to Tassa Drumming - Dec. 17, 2006
» The Groom Meets the Bride - Dec. 17, 2006

Hindu Wedding in Enterprise, Chaguanas in pictures:

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