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Event Date: August 24, 2007
Posted: September 05, 2007

The Miss Pretty Plus Pageant came off on Friday 24th August, 2007, at the Port of Spain City Hall before a large audience of family, friends and fashion aficionados. Seventeen young ladies between the ages of 11 and 16 paraded themselves before the audience and the judges. The judges for the evening were Lucie Ann Eligon, Lester Rauseo, Neubun Clarke, Suzanne Holland, Henrietta Carter, Arlene Goring-George and Yolandra John.

The pageant started in dramatic fashion with the contestants coming on stage, clad in yellow outfits with matching umbrellas and dancing to Rihanna's popular song "Umbrella" against the backdrop of the creatively designed stage that depicted the Port of Spain skyline. The audience roared their approval at this energetic beginning that showcased the bouncy and bold dance moves of the seventeen girls.

After the dance, the seventeen contestants introduced themselves as Maureena Wilson, Chalit Baird, Johannah-Rae Reyes, Kalifa McQueen, Kristen Sandy, Mykeila Serrette, Shanice Samuels, Hilencia Byer, Racie Manwaring, Katherine Martin, Ashley Mohammed, Chantal Lauria, Anastacia Billy, Merkyda Desvignes, Tracelle Smith and Starlet Lewis.

 Sherlana Sam
 Sherlana Sam
After this introductory segment talented songstress, Sherlana Sam, greatly impressed the audience with a beautiful rendition of Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love" and Regina Belle's "If I Could". Not only did Sherlana have a beautiful voice but her grace and poise was evident on stage. Tenaj Smith and Karen Eccles also performed an inspirational song "Life is What You Make of It" during that segment.

The second half of the programme featured confident and talented Brianna Depeaza who did a delightful Belle dance drawing loud applause from the audience. After her performance, delegates reappeared on stage in their evening wear where they were serenaded by singer Stephen Marcelle. The judges then announced the list of semi-finalists who later faced questions from the presenter. The semi-finalists were Maureena Wilson, Johannah-Rae Reyes, Kalifa McQueen, Mykeila Serrette, Shanice Samuels, Merkyda Desvignes, Racie Manwaring, Katherine Martin, Tracelle Smith and Starlet Lewis.

While the judges tallied their scores, singer Stephen Marcelle thrilled the audience with renditions of "Always on My Mind" by Sean Paul and Dville as well as several popular R&B songs by Neyo.

Out of the ten semi-finalists, five finalists were chosen who were required to answer the second and final round of questions: Johannah-Rae Reyes, Kalifa McQueen, Mykeila Serrette, Shanice Samuels and Starlet Lewis. Looking resplendent in their evening wear, they paraded before the audience and gave a good account of themselves in answering the questions as cheers, applause and screams punctuated their responses. When the results were announced it was Kalifa McQueen, wearing a stunning blue gown, who captured the Miss Pretty Plus 2007 title. Numerous other prizes were awarded to the delegates in various categories and as the presenter remarked, everyone was a winner in this dynamic and exciting pageant.

Present at the pageant were the winners of the recent Holiday Fun Pageant Brianna Depeaza, Zakiya Fleming and Zakiya Griffith; Nicola Sammy Ifill, Ms. Elegance 2007; Kershelle Hilaire, Miss Carnival Queen 2007; Ms. Tourism TT 2007, Shevaugn Pollard; Leah Alexander, Miss Amethyst 2007 and Aneil Sonar, Mr. Manhunt 2007.

Miss Pretty Plus 2007 winner Kalifa McQueen 
Miss Pretty Plus 2007 winner Kalifa McQueen
Special Prizes

Best Singer - Mykeila Serrette
Best Monologue - Chalit Baird
Best Dance - Starlet Lewis
Most Unusual Act - Merkyda Desvignes
Best Pannist - Sharnice Bailey
Best Talent - Starlet Lewis
Best Smile - Racie Manwaring
Best Hairstyle - Chantal Lauria
Most Dedicated - Hilencia Byer
Miss Congeniality - Kalifa McQueen
Best Complexion - Johannah-Rae Reyes
Best Evening Gown - Kalifa McQueen
Best Casual Outfit - Starlet Lewis
Most Improved Delegate - Hilencia Byer
Miss Photogenic - Kalifa McQueen
Best Introduction Speech - Racie Manwaring
Best Model - Chantal Lauria
Miss Intelligence - Starlet Lewis

Overall Pageant Results

Winner - Kalifa McQueen
1st runner up - Starlet Lewis
2nd runner up - Johannah-Rae Reyes
3rd runner up - Shanice Samuels
4th runner up - Mykeila Serrette

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