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April 12, 2006

Carlene Hendrickson
Carlene Hendrickson
It was truly a night of celebration for the members of the Picton Folk Performing Company as they held their 2nd Annual Dinner and Prize Giving Ceremony on Saturday 8th April, 2006. This group, founded 6 years ago by Carlene Hendrickson, has its roots in the hills of Picton, Laventille (or as some of the residents prefer to call the area 'Love-Until').

They came together to celebrate the achievements for the year and thank the members of the community that has supported them. During the prize giving, the audience was entertained by the band Surge, The 2005 Synergy Soca Star, and one of the senior members of the group who performed a dance.

This group has for the past year been involved in many of the major cultural competitions, including being the frontline dancers for Trevor Wallace's band The Jokers Wild, The Best Village Competition and The Junior Soca Monarch. In spite of their limited practice facilities, moving from the sloping hill where they first practiced to a paved area, Carlene Hendrickson and the members of the committee have tried their best to offer an outlet for the talent of the children of 'Love-Until' while they continue to expand. We at support their efforts and wish them all the best.

The major awardees of the night:

The male presenter to the left is the Parliamentary Representative for Port of Spain South, Eric Williams. The female presenter to the left is Mrs Marla Yarna
Most Improved Member
Most Improved Member - Kerryann Julien
Kerryann Julien

Most Valuable Dancer
Most Valuable Dancer - Rickisha Thomas
Rickisha Thomas

Most Disciplined Drummer
Most Disciplined Drummer - Tyrell John
Tyrell John

Most Consistent Drummer
Most Consistent Drummer - Keston Hamilton
Keston Hamilton

Best Performer Girls
Best All-Round Performer Girls - Kandy Lewis
Kandy Lewis

Best Performer Boys
Best All-Round Performer Boys - Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas

Most Helpful Group Member
Most Helpful Group Member - Ayanna Charles
Ayanna Charles

Most Improved Drummer
Most Improved Drummer - Othneil Williams
Othneil Williams

Most Promising Dancer
Most Promising Dancer - Daria Corridon
Daria Corridon

Most Disciplined Member
Most Disciplined Member - Onella Jack
Onella Jack

Most Disciplined Member Jr.
Most Disciplined Member Jr. - Celene Charles
Celene Charles

Best Overall Drummer
Best Overall Drummer - Trevlon Harry
Trevlon Harry

Most Conscientious Member
Most Conscientious Group Member - Claudia John
Claudia John

Best Dancer
Best Dancer - Shaquille Mitchell
Shaquille Mitchell

Best All-Around Performer
Best All-Around Performer - Darren Corridon
Darren Corridon

Picton Folk Performing Company Awards in pictures:

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