Picton Folk Performing Co. Awards 2008

Members of the Picton Folk Performing Company
Members of the Picton Folk Performing Company with a photo of Miss Hendrickson Reporters
Event Date: May 17, 2008

The Picton Folk Performing Company held their annual dinner and awards ceremony Saturday 17th May, 2008, at the Angostura Complex in Laventille. Titled "Reflections of a Mother", the event was dedicated to the memory of Miss Carlene Hendrickson who passed away unexpectedly last year. During her exceptional life as founder and president of the Picton Folk Performing Company, Carlene played a major role in molding the lives of the young people of the community and they, in turn, poured their passion into honouring her memory.

Members of the Picton community
Members of the Picton community

Members of the community came out dressed elegantly, mainly in different styles and colours of African wear, as they remembered the 'Mother of the Picton Yard'. President of the Picton Folk Performing Company, Darren Corridon, in a brief address to the audience remarked that it is so hard to say goodbye to someone who had such an influential impact on their lives. Members of the group passionately sung several tribute songs in memory of their departed 'mother' including "There's A Hero" and "Bring Down The Power".

Rickisha Thomas receives her award for Best Dancer
Rickisha Thomas receives her award for Best Dancer

Awards were distributed to various members of the community who distinguished themselves in various ways. The community spirit was quite evident as the contributions of various persons were highlighted. These included not only performers, but parents, drivers and other supportive persons.

Eric Williams addresses the audience
Eric Williams addresses the audience

Several persons also addressed the audience. Former MP for the area, Eric Williams, praised the group for their work and expressed that they have helped to take a lot of young people away from activities that will be detrimental to them and the community. Khafra Kambon presented an award in honour of Carlene Hedrickson to her daughter Daisha, while Pearl Eintou Springer lauded Carlene's contribution in taking culture to all parts of Trinidad and Tobago. "Children," she said, "were safe with Carlene," as she urged those gathered to take example and live up to their responsibilities in the community.

Carlos 'Talo' Griffith
Carlos 'Talo' Griffith

The various scintillating performances of song and dance by the Picton Folk performers spiced up the evening. Tribute was also paid to veteran dance teacher Carlos "Talo" Griffith for his contribution in building the group. With him sitting in the front, a group of his students did a dance to show their appreciation.

The Best Dressed Seniors
The Best Dressed Seniors

On the evening, the best dressed male and female (both junior and adult) also received awards for their sense of style. Given the fine attire worn by the members, the competition for these awards was stiff, but it was eventually decided that Shaquille Mitchell and Onella Jack were the best dressed in the junior category while Tessa Lewis and the colourful Darren Corridon were adjudged winners in the senior category. As if that entertainment was not enough, Synergy Soca Star Rohan 'Fireball' Richards gave a rousing performance that had the audience singing and dancing along to his catchy Soca songs.

The Best Dressed Seniors
The Best Dressed Seniors

To complete the lovely evening, guests were provided with a scrumptious dinner prepared by the Picton chefs. Guests chose from among a range of provisions: dumplings, pie, fish, coo coo, and a special tasty sauce; a lovely end to the evenings proceedings.

'Fireball' performs
'Fireball' performs


Most Improved Dancer – Arlene Melville
Most Improved Drummer – Jevon Hamilton
Most Promising Dancer – Sherelle Julien
Most Helpful Male – Bobby La Pompe
Most Helpful Female – Rickisha Thomas
Most Persistent Drummer – Jamal Zamore

Most Allround Performers (Boys)

Kelvin Griffith
Elton Frank
Jevon Hamilton

Most Allround Performer (Girls)

Selene Charles

Most Disciplined Drummer – Dwight Fisher
Most Hard Working – Jacqueline Jack
Best Conduct – Kelvin Griffith
Most Disciplined Dancer – Onella Jack
Best Drummer – Keston Thomas

Limbo Awards

Shaquille Mitchell
Daisha Hendrickson
Johanna Mohammed

Service Awards - Drivers


Awards of Participation

Dwayne Roberts
Makazim Small
Christian Thomas
Cordelle Griffith
Keston Hamilton
Jerome Hamilton
Tyrelle John

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