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Carnival Features

From Columbus to Castro
From Columbus
to Castro

A Brief History of the Caribbean: From the Arawak and Carib to the Present
A Brief History
of the Caribbean

The Black Jacobins
The Black Jacobins

Rituals of Power & Rebellion: The Carnival Tradition In Trinidad & Tobago 1763 - 1962
Rituals of Power & Rebellion

History of the people of Trinidad and Tobago
History of
the people of
Trinidad and Tobago

Capitalism and Slavery
Capitalism and
Slavery by
Dr Eric Williams

Trinidad and Tobago Beginnings
Captain Arthur Andrew Cipriani by Horace Harragin
A Signature of Tobagonian Speech By Winford James
Trinidad and Tobago Standard English? By Winford James
Trini Memories: Remember When? By Keith Smith
Octofest in Valencia - Staff Article
Origins and Nature of Parang Music - Staff Article
Two Generations of Alexis' Share Memories of Lopinot - Staff Article
A Brief History of Lopinot - Staff Article
Michael Anthony: A Giant Among Us By Shamshu Deen
Biography: John Jacob Thomas By Akins Vidale
'Disturbances' of the 1970s By Leslie
Banwari Trace in Trinidad The Oldest Site in the West Indies!
Biography: C.L.R. JAMES by Akins Vidale
Dr. Eric Williams [Pt 1] - [Pt 2] - [Pt 3] - [Pt 4] - [Pt 5] By Kim Johnson
Exploding the myths [Pt 1] - [Pt 2] - [Pt 3] - [Pt 4] By Bukka Rennie
Andre Tanker's World By Terry Joseph
The Road To Independence By Michael Anthony
Trinidad Carnival: Afri-Caribbean Resistance By Corey Gilkes
The Black Caribs Of St. Vincent By Newsday Historical Digest
Elma Francois 1897-1944 By Corey Gilkes
Raleigh's tall tales By Kim Johnson
Afrikan Apprenticeship & East-Indian Indenture By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
In Search of 'Light and Breezy' in Teeming Tobago By Kim Johnson
Narrating the Nation: Naming the Land By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
Indian leaders: 1970 Black Power By Raffique Shah
Origins of the Steelpan
What parang is all about
1970 Black Power Revolution By Raffique Shah
The Indians and indentureship By Kim Johnson
Born Again In Living Waters By By Kim Johnson
Dr. Eric Williams By Michael Anthony
British feared Cocoa 'Panyols'
The Culture Of Williams Q & A with Gordon Rohlehr By Kim Johnson
Butler - a born leader
A Giant: Michael Anthony by Shamshu Deen
1990 Muslimeen coup
President vs Prime Minister.
Marcus Garvey influenced Trinidad
The Cricketing Constantines
Cyril Lionel Richard James
Stokely Carmichael or Kwame Ture
"Old Soldiers Never Die" Carl Alfonso by BC Pires
Recordings from Trinidad Village
The road that led to Toco
'Callaloo' serves up Williams' life and work
Sparrow through the eyes of Indo-Trinidadians
Our folklore is predominantly of African Origin
Rift between the President and Prime Minister 2000
Stealing TnT Election 2000

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