Three Queens Emancipation Concert Staff Article
Event Date: July 31, 2006
Article Posted: August 06, 2006

Not even the rain could stop the three Queens from shining at the Three Queens Emancipation Celebration Concert at the Jean Pierre Complex. The show was delayed as a result, but people still left their sheltered abodes to sit in the open environment despite the ominous weather that lay ahead.

On this rainy night, Monday 31st July, 2006, audience members were treated to a spectacular show beginning with the National Anthem sung by Trinidad and Tobago's very own Marilyn Williams.

The Israel Lovell Dance Company from Barbados did a piece, "Retentions” which expressed some of the African cultural retentions from our past and demonstrated the memory of the slavery legacy through dance. Instruments such as the drums and the flute were given prominence at different parts of the show but it was the drummers that fed the energy and allowed the dancers to move to the rhythmic vibrations.

The 'musical magistrate', Singing Sandra appeared next with a beautiful garment that shone brightly that night providing a light that beamed through the complex. Songs such as "Voices From the Ghetto”, "Die With Dignity”, "Revelation Time", and "Ancient Rhythm” were sung, which the audience deeply appreciated. During one of her songs, she went through the audience parting the great sea of people, meeting her fans face to face making it a truly outstanding performance.

The second Queen to appear was Ella Andall. She gave a roof-raising performance throughout the length and breadth of her stay on stage with songs such as "Black Woman” and "Bring Down the Power of Love”, "Missing Generation", "One Day Of Prayer", "A Place Called Africa" and "Hello Africa". It seemed as though the ground trembled and the sky parted when this African Queen raised her voice to the heavens. Arguably, her performance was the highlight of the night.

Next was the much anticipated performance of the 74 year old Grammy Award winning vocalist, Miriam Makeba, who rocked the house from the time she arrived on stage until the end of the concert. The Queen from the Continent sang favourites such as, "Africa Is My Home", "Nkosa", "Malaika, Sindiza Ngecadillacs", "Laku Tshoni 'Ilanga", "Intandane" and "Pata Pata". Although sung in her native tongue, Makeba was still able to move the Jean Pierre Complex crowd like the wind moves the sea. This internationally renowned and loved South African singer also shared the stage with her back-up singers showcasing the young talent of the African Continent. Indeed, her presence was much appreciated in Trinidad and Tobago and it was an honour having her, especially as this may be her last international performance.

Not to take away from the bliss of the occasion, the ill-treatment of the media during Miriam Makeba's performance by the security employed by the Emancipation Support Committee has to be mentioned. They literally shoved members of the media away from the stage, risking the destruction of expensive equipment. There was no explanation as to why the media was forced to move during Makeba's performance and not during the performances of the other artistes. The media was not forewarned about any special arrangement for Makeba's performance, so shoving the media around came off as rude and obnoxious on the part of the organizers.

The Three Queens Emancipation Celebration Concert was generally a good one despite this major glitch which should never be repeated.

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