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Trinidad and Tobago Sources
Sources as quoted:

- A History of Modern Trinidad by Bridget Brereton (Heinemann)
- At Last - A Christmas in the West Indies by Charles Kingsley (1889)
- East Indians in the West Indies by Arthur and Juanita Niehoff (Milwaukee Public Museum)
- From Colonial to Republic by Republic Bank (Paria Publishing)
- Historical Sketches by K.S. Wise (Trinidad Historical Society)
- Race Relations in Colonial Trinidad 1870 - 1900 by Bridget Brereton (Cambridge University Press)
- Rums of the Eastern Caribbean by Edward Hamilton (Tafia Publishing)
- Six Months in the West Indies by Henry Colridges (1825)
- Stark's Guide-Book and History of Trinidad by James H. Stark (1897)
- Travels in Trinidad by Pierre F. M'Callum (1805)
- The Book of Trinidad by B. Brereton and G. Besson (Paria Publishing)
- The Trinidad and Tobago Yearbook, 1916 by C.B. Franklin (Franklin's Electric Printery)
- Trinidad in Transition by Donald Wood (Oxford University Press)
- Trinidad Historical Society Papers
- West Indian Histories Book I by Edward W. Daniel (Nelson)
- Trinidad Historical Society Papers
- 130 Years - Challenge and Transition by D.N. Vidyarthi (Ed.) (Indian Progress Publications)

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