Radio 103FM's 13th Anniversary Mela

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July 16, 2006
Posted: July 17, 2006

Local radio station 103FM, boasts of being the first Indian frequency and the most successful one that specializes in broadcasting Indian music in Trinidad and Tobago. It has been in existence since 1993 and has become popular among the Indian listenership in the country. In fact, according to recent polls, it is the only Indian radio station in the top ten in the country. Thus, according to Programme Director of 103FM, Hemant Saith, the station has a lot to celebrate. In this regard, the 103FM 13th Anniversary Mela was held at Gilbert Park, Couva to commemorate their success. This event, according to the Coordinators of the Mela, Southex, has grown to become the largest free event in TT. Not only was it a mini concert to celebrate Indian legacy via dance and song, but it was also a day for families to enjoy.

The programme, which was held on Sunday, 16th July, began with the rhythmic and vibrant sounds of the SSL St. Johnís United Drum Devils who mesmerized the crowd with their tassa drumming. They arrived on stage about quarter after three and heated up things from the moment of their arrival.

Next up was a saucy performance by the Durga Shakti Dancers that had the audience screaming and in awe by their waist-shaking antics.

The T&TEC Gayatones featuring Nadia Madhoo, Neeshad Sultan, Devika Ram, Tricia Hamilton, and Rishi Ramkissoon with guest artists Rakesh Yankarran and Rasika Dindial also provided extra energy with their spectacular performances ranging from Soca to Chutney. Amazingly, this group was able to control the audience with their powerful presentations and they, the audience, were more than happy to oblige.

Despite the magnificent performance of previous artistes, this did not deter the Chutney performer Rasika Dindial who almost magically swayed the entire crowd at Gilbert Park with her mesmerizing voice and more traditional sounds of the Chutney genre. Rakesh Yankarran also proved to be a crowd pleaser with his melodic voice and stage presence.

The Shiv Shakti Dancers performed next, dancing to various Chutney and other crossover hits. Many rushed closer to the stage to witness their captivating movements. The Nirvana Dancers also wowed the huge gathering with their shimmering outfits and flexible movements.

The very hip and well-favoured group, the Spread Pal Crew also entertained with their spicy lyrics which had the crowd in extreme excitement. This group displayed their versatility by singing Chutney tunes from different eras as well as infusing their music with other musical forms.

The big band, Dil-E-Nadan featuring brothers Raymond, Richard and Rennie Ramnarine was the final guest performance of the night and ended the programme with a bang. Singing with the band were guest artists Heeralal Rampartap and Heeshan Prabhoo. Also performing with Dil-E-Nadan was the Hell Breakers dance group which was quite entertaining displaying break dancing skills to the audience.

In addition to the magnificent performances, members of the audience were also treated to hampers on behalf of 103FM and their sponsors. It was this as well as the good show put together by the 103FM station that was appreciated by the audience.

In terms of the stage presentation, the lighting and sound quality could have been improved. Accommodation for other media also needed more planning and consideration. These were some obvious flaws that impaired an all in all great show.

Radio 103 FM's 13th Anniversary Mela in pictures

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