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Event Date: October 27, 2006
Posted: October 27, 2006

Students of Diego Martin Junior Secondary School (Club Exodus) 
Students of Diego Martin Junior Secondary School (Club Exodus). RIGHT: Sobanna Kirton 
The HCL Group of Companies Junior Aerobics Marathon took place at the Jean Pierre Complex on Friday 27th October, 2006. Students from all over the country came to lend support to the students representing them in competition and provided motivation for their fellow classmates to go through till the end.

Many of the children arrived after the official start time, 9.00a.m., which forced the event to be pushed back to about 10.05a.m. The importance of punctuality is something that must be inculcated into the minds of people starting with the adults who are yet to be good exemplars where this is concerned.

After the opening prayer which was recited by Gabriella Thomas of the Bishops Centenary College, the programme moved quickly along to the main activities of the day.

The MC's of the Junior Aerobics Marathon, 'Blaze' and Jason Williams, provided much excitement for the students with their witty comments and their ability to relate with the students on their level. They interacted with the various schools and prompted the students to shout out the names of the schools which they represented. This was actually very entertaining and the students did enjoy their coolness as well as their comedy.

Opening remarks were provided by Lisa Ghany-Weekes, Group Marketing and Communications Manager of the HCL Group of Companies. Mrs. Ghany-Weekes welcomed the students, teachers and others in attendance and gave a brief talk about the significance of the event. She stated that the Junior Aerobics Marathon has become a national success that has grown over the years and that this is largely due to the support and determination of the teachers. She ended by stating that the Junior Aerobics Marathon is a major event on the HCL calendar and advised students to treasure and take care of their bodies as well as their minds.

Also speaking at the event was a representative from the Ministry of Education, Mr. Anthony Creed, and Mr. Adrian Cordner who provided a brief fitness talk.

Mr. Cordner expressed that he was proud to see the great turnout which was a reflection of the positive attitudes towards fitness by the students. Fitness, according to him, is the aim to improve upon one's present health through a fitness approach. He further stated that the benefits of this approach are critical to the health and longevity of people and also helps in maintaining discipline and focus. He hoped that after this event, students would continue along the path of fitness.

After the speeches, their were spin exercise demonstrations led by Gerard Alfonso, the General Manager of the Health and Wellness Club at Long Circular Mall and other members of the Long Circular Fitness Club. They demonstrated the different positions and speeds of the bike rides which may have looked simple in some instances but looked very challenging for the most of it.

Special entertainment was provided by the Core Skateboarding Limited and The Extreme Asylum Company. The skateboarders did entertain the crowd although they failed at their landing attempts in most of their tryouts. The bikers, however, seemed to be more dexterous on the wheels and they received overwhelming approval from the students including a standing ovation for their performance.

Next up was the part of the event that was highly anticipated by all: the team routine challenges. The criteria for the routines were: flexibility, choreography, originality, synchronization and musical interpretation.

After an aerobics demonstration by Varma Lakhan, the team aerobics competition (open endurance segment) was next. Approximately 145 students participated in this segment starting off with much vigor and eagerness.

Before the aerobics challenge could begin, there was a 10 minute warm-up session. They all seemed to survive this although it seemed as vigorous as the actual competition. Nevertheless, participants seemed determined to be victorious in the race.

After 11 minutes into the competition, some contestants began to fall out of the race and one student even fainted. She was carried off the floor and was treated until she regained full consciousness.

When the race came down to the final four contestants, the crowd raved with excitement. Melissa John, Desiann Dunmore, Shinelle Lewis and Sobanna Kirton all struggled to fight to the end. Melissa John soon left the floor followed by Desiann Dunmore. Shinelle Lewis and Sobanna Kirton fought hard for a few minutes to win the challenge but it was Sobanna Kirton who made it to the finish at a time of 1:20:29.

Following the competition was a 10 minute cool down session with live performances by H2O Flo, Knycky Cordner and local break dance group, 'Scientist Crew'.

The prize-giving ceremony was next on the agenda.

In the School Team Routines Competition the results are as follow:

Position / School / Points Scored

1st / Club Exodus / 77.5
2nd / Diego Martin Junior Secondary / 71.5
3rd / Bishop's Anstey High School /67.0
4th / San Fernando Government Secondary School / 63.0
5th / St. Stephen's College School / 57.0
6th / Five Rivers Secondary School / 56.0
7th/ Arima Senior Comprehensive School / 50.5
8th / Mucurapo Junior Secondary School / 49.5
8th / Malabar Composite Secondary School / 49.5
10th// Brazil High School / 48.0
11th/ Chaguanas Junior Secondary School / 42.5

In the Schools' Aerobics Burnout Competition:

Name / Placement

Sobanna Kirton / 1st
Shinelle Lewis / 2nd
Desiann Dunmore / 3rd
Melissa John / 4th
Lana Mark / 5th
Jenisse Loka / 6th
Sherish Jacob / 7th
Rae Ann Cabbilis / 8th
Dominic Derette / 9th
Krystle Gay / 10th

The winner of this segment received $2,000, a trophy, a hamper, and a computer for the school. Hopefully, next year's prize would be even greater so that more students would be encouraged to compete in the competitions.

Junior Aerobics Marathon 2006 in pictures

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