Jason Griffith: Voyage of the Sailor Mas

Jason Griffith
Jason Griffith Reporters
April 15, 2005

Jason Griffith, one of Trinidad and Tobago's renowned mas men was born on the 20th June 1927 at Pelham St. Belmont. He attended the Miss Lewis Private School and Belmont Boys' Intermediate School. As a youth growing up, he was influenced by Jim Harding's Mischievous Sailor Band, a very popular band in the thirties. He participated in the revelry of masquerading for the first time in 1946 and has been actively involved in the production of headpieces for the mas ever since. After working with the mas director, Cecil Jobe, Griffith felt ready to launch his own production unit - the "U.S.S. Sullivan" - in1949 and joined with other bands - the "Syncopaters" and the "Desperados". This was done in the attempt to increase the band's numbers to participate in "big band" competitions. Also, from 1955 to 1961, Griffith assisted Horace Lovelace with his Historical Bands and also found time to assist other sailor Bands at that time. The title "Old Fashioned Sailors" was adopted to describe bands with such inclinations in 1969. Griffith has been very successful in the Mas Competitions. For his dedication and commitment, Jason received awards from the C.D.C., N.C.B.A., Down Town Carnival Committee, Lucky Jordan, Up Town Carnival Committee and the Humming Bird Medal Gold in 1990.

Mr. Griffith would now take us though the details of his career chronologizing the events as he remembers them.

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