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Mr. Jason Griffith - King of Sailor Mas
Mr. Jason Griffith - King of Sailor Mas

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April 15, 2005

After carnival, sometimes, I am still waiting to get prize money to see if I could pay for the music. I had my day and a lot of people around my era feel the same. At one time we had about four sailor bands coming from Belmont and after carnival everybody the same; you wouldn't believe you played in the other band and I played here. That is what I like to see, not all the talk about I was better than you or you were better than me. The trophies were from different competitions. But, as I told you, if I had kept all the trophies here this area would have been full. Every two years we had a party and we would give them out and I believe this is why we stuck together for so long. That was always my motto. If I could cut up that medal and give it to the section leaders I would do it because without them you think I could have done it? Nobody would know have known about me, but for everybody, it's all about Jason, Jason because Jason is the bandleader. What about the people who were working all the time?

I had four sections in New York at one time, and then I brought down all my material. They came down and paid their band fee. Maybe I was doing something right because it lasted for twenty-nine years and it ended because I am the one that really surrendered after I saw fifty-two years in this carnival. If you were supervising for ten or twenty years, it is all right, but I always had to be out there with those fellows working. I think I had enough of it. People will meet me in town and say, "oh gosh Jason man come back!"

Anytime you see you come out of the arena, don't go back. "I say you going back to get 'lick up". You see all these fancy boxers that lose their titles and they stay out for a year and two years and came back. The only fellow I saw got something out of that was Foreman. All the others that tried, they won one fight and the next fight, then somebody nearly half-kills you. You have to operate on your eye; you had do this and that and all kind of things. What are you looking back there for? You have the money. They want more money. Anytime you come out, you stay out! I have a good friend, Mac Williams; I have not heard from him for the past two years, the last time i saw he and Coplan together, Coplan won the band in South. When you stop, the people who were playing with you would look to find another band. Now, your diehards should come, but how many? So forget that. But what I do, I make one or two individual head pieces, for Baby Grant and one or two other people so it keep the hands and the brain going, but otherwise I am relaxing. I know from this interview you want me to stay out. (Jason laughs)."

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