Divali Celebrations

ECIAF's Divali Celebrations 2007 in pictures
ECIAF's Divali Celebrations 2007
December 12, 2007
The little known Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry (ECIAF) held their annual Divali celebrations on Wednesday 7th November, 2007. The Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry was established in 1954...

Divali Celebrations in Patna Village, Diego Martin in pictures
Divali Celebrations in Diego Martin
November 12, 2007
The Divali celebrations ended in spectacular fashion across the country as lighted deyas lit up many communities across Trinidad and Tobago. This Hindu festival which honors the Hindu Goddess Mother Lashkmi (Goddess of wealth and prosperity)...

Divali Night Celebrations
Keeping the Deya Lighting Tradition
October 24, 2006 journeyed from Port of Spain to as far as Tunapuna on Divali evening to observe the ritual of lighting the deyas. Usually, deyas (earthen lamps), which are created from molded clay, are strategically placed around houses ...

Divali Nagar 2006 Closing Celebrations
Divali Nagar 2006 Closing Celebrations
October 23, 2006
The nine-day 2006 Divali celebrations at the Nagar site in Endeavour, Chaguanas ended with a bang on Friday 21st October, 2006. Throughout the week, thousands upon thousands of people gathered at the site to partake in the celebrations held there...

Miss Divali Nagar Fruta Teen Queen Pageant
Fruta Teen Queen Pageant
October 18, 2006
The National Council of Indian Culture presented the Fruta Teen Queen Pageant on Sunday 15th October, 2006. The crowning of the Miss Divali Nagar has become a common feature in the Divali Nagar celebrations and was certainly very entertaining ...

Divali Nagar 2006 Opening Night in pictures
Dival Nagar Grand Opening
October 16, 2006
Divali, the Hindu festival of lights, is celebrated here in Trinidad and Tobago annually as a part of Hindu ritual celebrations. Dipavali, from which the word "Divali" is derived, is a Sanskrit word ...

Divali Nagar 2006 Opening Night in pictures
The Splendour of Divali
October 15, 2006
Trinidad and Tobago, land of Carnival, steelband, tassa, calypso and chutney, is the same country that gives the world its unique brand of Divali. Indeed, the Hindu Festival of Lights has become ...

Divali 2006 in pictures

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