Diego Martin

Diego Martin

Ma Leta Salandy's Send-Off in pictures
Eulogy for Ma Leta Salandy
July 24, 2008
There is no easy answer to this question because she was many things to many people. She was mother, wife, grandmother, gardener, nurturer, storyteller, cook, artist and queen of the Salandy family. She was the mother...

Divali Celebrations in Patna Village, Diego Martin in pictures
Divali Celebrations in Diego Martin
November 12, 2007
The Divali celebrations ended in spectacular fashion across the country as lighted deyas lit up many communities across Trinidad and Tobago. This Hindu festival which honors the Hindu Goddess Mother Lashkmi (Goddess of wealth and prosperity)...

Diego Martin: North Post, Water Wheel and Blue Basin in pictures
Exploring Diego Martin
October 08, 2007
It was quite an adventure exploring the Diego Martin area located in northwest Trinidad. traveled there on the early morning of Sunday 16th September, 2007, via the Morne Cocoa Road from Maraval.

Moonlight Gathering in pictures
Moonlight Gathering
2005 - 2006
Oral traditions are a powerful aspect of our African heritage. There are many people in this country simply bursting with talent and ideas, but with very few places to express it in a comfortable space. The Moonlight Gathering was created to fill this void.

Diego Martin in pictures:

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