COCO Dance Festival 2014 Media Launch

On Monday 22nd September, 2014, the Contemporary Choreographers’ Collective (COCO) annual Dance Festival was launched at the Résidence de France in Port of Spain. Guests were greeted by Ms. Amba Revillac and Ms. Celine Singh and engaged in tête-à-tête while they enjoyed cocktails and sauntered along the latticed verandah.

Dance Me, Lover Showcases Local Talent

The National Theatre Arts Company was launched on November 14, 2009, at the National Academy of the Performing Arts, Queen’s Park East, Port of Spain with the theatrical performance ‘Dance Me, Lover’.

National Dance Association Festival ‘Toute Bagai’

Toute Bagai, part of The National Dance Festival presented by The National Dance Association took place on October 17,2009. Audience members witnessed a plethora of dances ranging from locally-flavored ballet dances to creolized African and Indian dances, similar to what can be seen at Best Village competitions. See the albums as they provide a visual sense of the stories in dance.