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On April 30th, 2007, members of TriniView.com spoke on Radio Talk City 91.1FM about the aims and objectives of the Website.

There is a buzzing sound which lasts for a few minutes during the
first part of this recording that emanated from the radio station.

November 23, 2005

TriniView.com, TriniSoca.com and TrinbagoPan.com are administered by a group of volunteers who work in the field to collect information and photos of interest in and around Trinidad and Tobago.

These Websites focus on the different cultural landmarks, people and expressions in Trinidad and Tobago.

The persons involved in the development of TriniView.com, TriniSoca.com and TrinbagoPan.com are also the main reporters, writers and photographers on these websites. They are Tyehimba Salandy, Leslie-Ann Paul, Aisha Ranut, Christine De Bruin, Arthur Douglas, Oba Ranu, Kristine Elford and Eshe Ranut.

At this time we have no commercial sponsors. However, we would accept financial contributions from supporters and well-wishers.

Browse our content and photo albums that are hosted at TriniView.com, TriniSoca.com and TrinbagoPan.com. Feel free to tell us what you think of our efforts. Sign TriniView.com Guestbook or TriniSoca.com Guestbook.

If your local project is of national interest, please contact us so we can consider featuring it here. If you reside outside of Trinidad and Tobago and have an interest in any aspect of what takes place here, email us your interest and we will see if it can be covered on our Websites.

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TriniView.com, TriniSoca.com and TrinbagoPan.com are non-profit Websites and members are not paid for work done on these Websites. However, we are offering new services to meet operating expenses. More details here.