Smaran – “40 Years of Artistry”

On Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November, 2017, Nrityanjali Theatre (Institute for the Arts and Culture), in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Cultural Co-operation, commemorated forty years in the arts with an outstanding classical Indian Ballet production. The annual production, themed “Smaran – 40 years of Artistry” was presented in two segments.

The Life and Times of Donald “Junior” Noel

Donald “Junior” Noel, percussionist and master drummer of the Northwest Laventille Cultural Movement passed away recently on 28th November, 2015. Junior Noel, as he preferred to be called, was born on 6th August, 1960. From an early stage he showed an affinity for drumming and was a foundation member of several cultural groups.

Nrityanjali Theatre Institute for the Arts and Culture, presents “Shakuntalam”

On Tuesday 19th July, 2016, the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Cultural Co-Operation, High Commission of India and the Nrityanjali Theatre presented an Indian Classical Ballet titled “Shakuntalam”, a Sanskrit play written by Kalidasa. This dance drama is the story of love between Shakuntala and Dushayanta played by Alana Rajah and Kyle Robert Poliah.

Nrityanjali Theatre Institite for the Arts and Culture – “The Divine Flute”

On Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October, 2015, the Nrityanjali Theatre (Institute for the Arts and Culture) in association with Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Cultural Co-operation, hosted its annual Classical Indian Ballet at Queen’s Hall, St. Ann’s, Port of Spain. The production was titled “The Divine Flute”

SHAKTIYANA – The Primordial Energy

On Saturday 11th October, 2014, Nrityanjali Theatre (Institute for the Arts and Culture), in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Cultural Co-operation, hosted its annual Classical Indian Ballet. Classical dance enthusiasts journeyed to Queen’s Hall where this year’s offering, themed “Shaktiyana…”

Ganga Dhaaraa Teerath: Water is Life

Ganga Dhaaraa teerath (also spelt tirath) or pilgrimage represents an ancient tradition in Hinduism. Man, God and Nature are not separate in the Hindu tradition and the festival, Ganga Dashahara, is about the unified expression of these. Water is life and human life has depended upon this element since the beginning of time.

Bollywood Dance Company presents ‘Rhythm Divine’

On Saturday 12th December, 2009, the Bollywood Dance Company presented their grand fundraising concert entitled “Rhythm Divine”. This event was held at the Rex Car Ltd. Compound in Mulchan Trace, Penal. It was an evening of Indian dance and entertainment which included a magic performance and a skit about the life styles of the rich and the poor.

Mahase Seecharan Speaks on Community Service

Mr. Mahase Seecharan is a Mc Bean resident who is active is his community. His grandparents were among the first settlers of Mc Bean village. In this interview with, he shares his thoughts on the community and Indian culture.

The Ramoutar family from Lower Mc Bean, Couva

Kerrie Ramoutar is one of the young members of the Lower Mc Bean Ramleela and Cultural Group. She is considered to be a professional dancer with sixteen years of experience behind her. Kerrie has danced with most of the major dance teachers in Trinidad such as Krishna Persad, Michael Salickram and a few others. Having covered just about all of the Indian dance styles like Classical, Chutney, Folk and so on, Kerry feels confident that she is ready to have her own group called the Nritya Dance Company which she will manage from her home in Lower Mc Bean, Couva. Kerry and her parents Celia Nath and Sookram Ramoutar were eager to share some of their personal experiences with

Interview with Pundit Ravi Maraj – His involvemnt with Ramleela

Pundit Ravi Maraj is a Mc Bean resident by birth and has been involved with the Ramleela celebrations for approximately 20 years, not only in narrating the entire play, but also helping various communities develop their Ramleela. A gifted and engaging storyteller, he sat down with to share his perspective on the Ramleela celebration.

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