NJAC Special Community Emancipation Rally 2009

NJAC Special Community Emancipation Rally 2009

The National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) presented ‘A Special Community Rally’ – “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery” on Sunday 11th October, 2009, at the Transport & Industrial Workers Union (TIWU) headquarters on Eastern Main Road, Laventille. This event is one of the many events NJAC held for the year. A number of entertainers and speakers provided a solid evening of entertainment and reflection for the audience.

This community rally did much to educate as well as entertain its participants. Performances by Malick Allstars Tassa Drummers, Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille and Tokyo Steel Orchestra gave the audience a sweet taste of Tassa and Pan. Young performers King David and Karene Asche also gave exciting performances while veterans Luta, Bally, Explainer and Brother Resistance let their experience show as they engaged the audience with several of their classic pieces. Brother Book, spoken word performer had the attention of the audience with his call and response-style poetry. The audience joined in his refrain, “I is a worker, you is a worker, it is time for us to get a little closer, whenever we meet on the bus or the street, let us discuss the employer.”

It was not just about performances though, as several members of the Laventille community shared their views and experiences, which resonated strongly with the audience. Makandal Daaga also addressed the audience and in his commanding manner gave his perspectives on the state of the nation as he urged the audience to pay attention to their family and communities.

UDeCOTT and the just concluded inquiry also came up during his address as he explained how UDeCOTT’s dealings are a disservice to the people of Trinidad and Tobago. NJAC has called publicly for the removal of UDeCOTT chairman Calder Hart and the entire UDeCOTT board and have held many meetings and consultations around the country to discuss the issue.

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