Earl Crosby’s Send-off

Prominent businessman and cultural activist, Earl Crosby, passed away at the age of sixty-five on Wednesday 3rd August, 2016, after succumbing to pancreatic cancer. Crosby was warded at the Vitas House Hospice, St. James at the time of his passing.

The Life and Times of Donald “Junior” Noel

Donald “Junior” Noel, percussionist and master drummer of the Northwest Laventille Cultural Movement passed away recently on 28th November, 2015. Junior Noel, as he preferred to be called, was born on 6th August, 1960. From an early stage he showed an affinity for drumming and was a foundation member of several cultural groups.

Professor Dave Chadee has died

Known by various titles, “The Mosquito Man” amongst others, Professor Dave Chadee, 62, has died. He succumbed to a massive heart attack yesterday, June 21st, at around 4:30 p.m.

Professor Chadee came from Tableland Village and considered himself a true “south man”.

Memorial Service for Asami Nagakiya

Asami Nagakiya, a thirty-year-old professional musician from Japan who had been coming to Trinidad for seven years to play the steelpan, was murdered during the 2016 Carnival celebrations. Her body was discovered on Ash Wednesday in the Queen’s Park Savannah near the Queen’s Royal College.

Roots at Forty

On Saturday 9th January, 2016, loyal supporters of the band formerly known as Charlie’s Roots and the Rapso band 3Canal joined Soca music giant, Pelham Goddard and Roots, in celebrating their fortieth anniversary in the music business. This event, themed “Roots at Forty: Their Carnival Story”, was produced by JVMP (Junior, Vonrick, Malcolm, Pelham) Promotions in collaboration with Hotel Normandie. It was held Under the Trees at Hotel Normandie, St. Ann’s Port of Spain, from 5:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. The artistes featured included David Michael Rudder, Roger George, 3Canal, Moricia Cagan and Nigel O’Connor.

Yoplait, Vita Coca Jump Rope Open Championships

On Saturday 21st November, 2015, students from the Diamond Vale Government Primary School jumped, hopped and skipped their way to victory winning the grand prize of five thousand dollars and a challenge trophy in the Yoplait, Vita Coca Jump Rope Open Championships themed “Fix it with Tricks”.

TUCO Calypso Gala 2015

On Thursday 29th October, 2015, the Globe cinema, located on the corner of Park and St. Vincent streets, Port of Spain, was teeming with calypsonians both young and old, musicians, their guests and lovers of the calypso art-form for the TUCO Calypso Gala 2015.

Maureen Searles on the Nelson Island Experience

I came here yesterday, but it was not enough; I had to come back today. One of the things that stands out for me and makes this occasion very important is the fact that, for most of my mother’s life and up until very close to his death, my grandfather wasn’t seen as a national hero or an icon officially.

Activist Clive Nunez on the Nelson Island Experience

Butler was fiery, a great orator. [He] was born on January 21st 1897, and he died on February 20th 1977. At that time, I was a member of the Butler Labour Party (BLP) in the sixties. I was at his side on February 19th 1977, down at Strikers Village in Point Fortin…

Professor Winston Suite on the Nelson Island Experience

Nelson Island is one of what we call “The Five Islands” which is just about fifteen minutes by boat off the wharf here, or the port. Nelson Island has an interesting history in that it was used first as a recreation or vacation setting for the so-called wealthy of the society many years ago in its early history, like most of the other five islands.

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