Maureen Searles on the Nelson Island Experience

I came here yesterday, but it was not enough; I had to come back today. One of the things that stands out for me and makes this occasion very important is the fact that, for most of my mother’s life and up until very close to his death, my grandfather wasn’t seen as a national hero or an icon officially.

Activist Clive Nunez on the Nelson Island Experience

Butler was fiery, a great orator. [He] was born on January 21st 1897, and he died on February 20th 1977. At that time, I was a member of the Butler Labour Party (BLP) in the sixties. I was at his side on February 19th 1977, down at Strikers Village in Point Fortin…

Professor Winston Suite on the Nelson Island Experience

Nelson Island is one of what we call “The Five Islands” which is just about fifteen minutes by boat off the wharf here, or the port. Nelson Island has an interesting history in that it was used first as a recreation or vacation setting for the so-called wealthy of the society many years ago in its early history, like most of the other five islands.

TUCO’s 2014 Boat Ride Interviews

On Saturday 8th November 2014, the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Organisation (TUCO) held its annual Boat Ride Party on board the Coral Vision Cruise Boat as the crowning close to Calypso History Month.

This year marked the thirteenth annual celebration of the organisation’s Boat Ride event titled, “Celebration.” This event is aimed at raising funds to further TUCO’s Welfare Fund.

Ganga Dhaaraa Teerath: Water is Life

Ganga Dhaaraa teerath (also spelt tirath) or pilgrimage represents an ancient tradition in Hinduism. Man, God and Nature are not separate in the Hindu tradition and the festival, Ganga Dashahara, is about the unified expression of these. Water is life and human life has depended upon this element since the beginning of time.

Pundit Dr. Parasram Maharaj Speaks about the Phagwa Festival

On Saturday 28th February, 2010, the Mc Bean Ramleela and Cultural Group hosted the Phagwa celebrations at the Lower Mc Bean Recreational Ground in Couva. During the early morning preparations for the day’s event, Hindu Pundit Dr. Parasram Maharaj took time out from his busy schedule to share a bit of history and meaning of the Hindu festival of Phagwa from its origins in India to its colourful manifestations in Trinidad and Tobago.

Mahase Seecharan Speaks on Community Service

Mr. Mahase Seecharan is a Mc Bean resident who is active is his community. His grandparents were among the first settlers of Mc Bean village. In this interview with, he shares his thoughts on the community and Indian culture.

Interview with Pundit Ravi Maraj – His involvemnt with Ramleela

Pundit Ravi Maraj is a Mc Bean resident by birth and has been involved with the Ramleela celebrations for approximately 20 years, not only in narrating the entire play, but also helping various communities develop their Ramleela. A gifted and engaging storyteller, he sat down with to share his perspective on the Ramleela celebration.

Remembering Kelvin ‘Mighty Duke’ Pope

Departed Calypso icon the Mighty Duke (Kelvin Pope) got a true Kaiso send off in his home town of Point Fortin on Thursday 22nd January, 2009, at Coronation Park. Duke’s family, including his wife Rebecca and his children Wendell, Makeda, Kurt and Ossasie, friends as well as many members of the Calypso fraternity, were on hand to celebrate the life and times of the Mighty Duke.

Tribute to Lewicito ‘Cito’ Velasquez

Lewicito ‘Cito’ Velasquez, one of Trinidad’s most renowned Wire-bender/Masmen, passed away after suffering a stroke on 8th April, 2006, at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Champs Fleurs, Trinidad.

Cito, as he was commonly called, was born on 51 Frederick Street, Port of Spain, on 23 June, 1928. As a boy, growing up on Port of Spain’s St. Vincent Street, Cito learned to sculpt at his family’s doll factory. What he learned during the early period of his life, later served him well over the years in his profession.

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