South Africa’s Freedom Day 2015

On Monday 27th April, 2015, the High Commission of South Africa to Trinidad and Tobago joined the rest of the world in celebrating Freedom Day in South Africa. This occasion, which took place at the Cascadia Hotel, St. Ann’s, marked the twenty-first anniversary of the country’s first elections where all persons of the voting age of eighteen years and older, regardless of race, could exercise their right to vote.

The Palo’s Crew Emancipation Concert: An Evening of Culture

On Saturday 2nd August, the Mango Rose, Port of Spain neighbourhood was a hub of activity for the hosting of the annual Emancipation Day Concert hosted by The Palo’s Crew. The event was billed “An Evening of Culture” and themed “To Educate is to Emancipate.” This concert seeks not only to entertain, but also serves as a platform for acknowledging and rewarding the efforts of individuals who have excelled from the community.

Party 67 for Posse 67

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has started a movement where individuals across the globe are asked to volunteer sixty seven minutes of their time in recognition of the sixty seven years of public service that Mr. Nelson Mandela gave to the struggle for freedom in South Africa.

Ganga Dhaaraa Teerath: Water is Life

Ganga Dhaaraa teerath (also spelt tirath) or pilgrimage represents an ancient tradition in Hinduism. Man, God and Nature are not separate in the Hindu tradition and the festival, Ganga Dashahara, is about the unified expression of these. Water is life and human life has depended upon this element since the beginning of time.

TTARP Belmont B’s 5th Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday 4th July, 2010, the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Retired Persons (TTARP) Belmont B’s hosted their fifth anniversary celebration and service. The function was held at the Belmont Community Centre on Jerningham Avenue, Belmont to a moderately-sized audience. This appreciation function was done in celebration of those who provided their indefatigable service for the five years that the organization was in existence. Attendees were treated to a full evening of entertainment and refreshments with tokens of appreciation being presented.

Eldica Phillip’s 101 Birthday Celebration

On Thursday 01 July, 2010, Eldica Phillip celebrated her 101 birthday with friends at the St. Andrew’s Home for Women located on 136A Belmont Circular Rd., Belmont. In attendance were some of the senior citizens who reside at the Home, staff members and visiting friends. Ms. Phillip was presented with birthday gifts including large, beautifully decorated cakes. During the course of the evening the women chatted, sang, danced and enjoyed refreshments with the birthday celebrant.

Divali Celebrations in Plum Mitan

The Ram Nagar Shiva Mandir in Plum Mitan held a cultural show at the community grounds on October 9th 2009, as part of their Divali celebration. Despite the inclement weather, people from the community came out to witness the talent within the community. Children and their parents lighted deyas and interacted in the park right before the show.

The Ramoutar family from Lower Mc Bean, Couva

Kerrie Ramoutar is one of the young members of the Lower Mc Bean Ramleela and Cultural Group. She is considered to be a professional dancer with sixteen years of experience behind her. Kerrie has danced with most of the major dance teachers in Trinidad such as Krishna Persad, Michael Salickram and a few others. Having covered just about all of the Indian dance styles like Classical, Chutney, Folk and so on, Kerry feels confident that she is ready to have her own group called the Nritya Dance Company which she will manage from her home in Lower Mc Bean, Couva. Kerry and her parents Celia Nath and Sookram Ramoutar were eager to share some of their personal experiences with

Interview with Pundit Ravi Maraj – His involvemnt with Ramleela

Pundit Ravi Maraj is a Mc Bean resident by birth and has been involved with the Ramleela celebrations for approximately 20 years, not only in narrating the entire play, but also helping various communities develop their Ramleela. A gifted and engaging storyteller, he sat down with to share his perspective on the Ramleela celebration.

The Ramleela Celebration Told by Pundit Ravi Maraj

The Ramleela celebration really has its genesis taken straight out from the Holy Scripture, the Ramayana. It is set in an age called Treta Yuga. Of course, in Hinduism… in the Hindu traditions we have four ages. We have the Satya Age which is the Golden Age, we have the Dwapara, we have Treta Yuga and we have Kali Yuga, in that order.

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