Palo’s Crew Emancipation Concert

On Sunday 2nd August, 2015, Palos Crew hosted their sixth annual Emancipation Concert at Mango Rose, Picadilly Street, Port of Spain. The programme included an award presentation for children who wrote the S.E.A. examination from the community, steelpan performances by the Renegades Junior Steel Orchestra and a solo by Kern Summerville.

Palo’s Crew 2015 Mother’s Day Lime

Once again, the hard-working members of the Palos Crew showed their dedication and commitment to community service. On Sunday 10th May, 2015, the crew hosted a Mother’s Day community event in the car park of the Mango Rose compound, Picadilly Street, Port of Spain. Mothers from Mango Rose and neighbouring communities were treated to an evening of relaxation, music and fun with friends and family.

The Palo’s Crew Emancipation Concert: An Evening of Culture

On Saturday 2nd August, the Mango Rose, Port of Spain neighbourhood was a hub of activity for the hosting of the annual Emancipation Day Concert hosted by The Palo’s Crew. The event was billed “An Evening of Culture” and themed “To Educate is to Emancipate.” This concert seeks not only to entertain, but also serves as a platform for acknowledging and rewarding the efforts of individuals who have excelled from the community.