Ganga Dhaaraa Teerath: Water is Life

Ganga Dhaaraa teerath (also spelt tirath) or pilgrimage represents an ancient tradition in Hinduism. Man, God and Nature are not separate in the Hindu tradition and the festival, Ganga Dashahara, is about the unified expression of these. Water is life and human life has depended upon this element since the beginning of time.

Pundit Dr. Parasram Maharaj Speaks about the Phagwa Festival

On Saturday 28th February, 2010, the Mc Bean Ramleela and Cultural Group hosted the Phagwa celebrations at the Lower Mc Bean Recreational Ground in Couva. During the early morning preparations for the day’s event, Hindu Pundit Dr. Parasram Maharaj took time out from his busy schedule to share a bit of history and meaning of the Hindu festival of Phagwa from its origins in India to its colourful manifestations in Trinidad and Tobago.

Mc Bean Ramleela Phagwa Celebrations 2010

The Hindu festival of Phagwa was celebrated throughout Trinidad as people journeyed to different venues to partake of this fun-filled, colourful festival on Sunday 28th February. Known also as Holi or the Festival of Colours, Phagwa is celebrated throughout many communities across Trinidad, where the throwing of coloured powder and coloured water on each other, forms a central part of the festival.