Eastern Quarry Laventille

On Sunday 20th December, 2009, Triniview.com journeyed through different parts of Eastern Quarry Laventille. The pictures depict some of the most beautiful scenery and friendly people in the area.

Picton Folk Performing Co. Pleas for Help

The Picton Folk Performing Company is one of the most recognized cultural groups in Trinidad and Tobago. Coming out of Picton, Laventille, (or as some of the residents prefer to call the area ‘Love-Until’) this group consists of about twenty-three members, most of whom are young people.

Rudolph Edwards: Journey with Desperados

Mr. Rudolph Edwards has offered, in this piece, his history and the history of his involvement in the internationally acclaimed steelband movement, Desperados. Mr. Edwards is one of the founding fathers of the Desperadoes pan organization and has enjoyed many victories with this pan-side. Along with his outstanding awards and achievements, it has been said that Mr. Edwards is the oldest and longest playing panman around. Surely, his contributions in terms of his commitment to the Desperados pan movement as well as the pan movement in general must be recognized. Mr. Edwards now shares with us his journey with the Desperados pan movement and some of his life lessons acquired along the way.