‘Paramin’ Parang Festival 2009

On December 18, 2009, Paramin Parang Festival moved from its traditional Paramin home to the Trinidad Country Club in Maraval. This album depicts the bands and artistes that performed as well as scenes from the crowd during the night’s proceedings.

Origins and Nature of Parang Music

Parang Music has long been associated with Christmas festivities. The word parang originally came from the word ‘paranda’ meaning merry making. Traditional parang bands made up of parenderos consist of singers and musicians who play the guitar, the mandolin, the cuatro, the violin, the maracs, the clapper, the box bass, the tambourine, the scratcher (güiro) and the toc-toc (claves). Other non-traditional instruments such as the dolak and the steelpan are sometimes included but this has caused some controversy within the Parang fraternity.