Calypso Fiesta 2015

On Saturday 7th March, 2015, the day dawned fiercely bright under a cloudless sky and the kaiso faithful gathered once more on the green sprawl of Skinner Park to partake in Calypso Fiesta2015. “High Noon!” shouted one man. “We ready! We ready!” chanted others.

Divas Calypso Cabaret International 2015 Judging Night

On Saturday 17th January 2015, the Divas Calypso Cabaret International Judging Night was held in the Little Carib Theatre situated in Woodbrook. As the box office opened and artistes put the last minute touches on their preparations for the upcoming show, Mr. Joseph Adams, Operations Manager of TUCO took the time to chat lightly…

Kaiso House Calypso Tent Opening Night 2015

On Sunday 11th January, 2015, Kaiso House Calypso Tent hosted its launch for Carnival 2015 under the domed architecture of the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA). As the sun set over the south lands, eager patrons began arriving in their numbers…

Kalypso Revue Tent 2015 Judging Night

On Friday 23rd January 2015, the Kalypso Revue tent opened its doors to the public as it once more offered a fully stacked deck of kaiso tradition in excellence. Happy faces, nice times and music flowed to mix with the vivacious chatter of a full house.


On Sunday 15th February 2015, Dimanche Gras was once again hosted on the Grand Stand Stage in the Queen’s Park Savannah. As patrons streamed through the gates, they were met by the youths of the Revelation Institute for Performing Education (RIPE) playing steelpan at the entrance.


On Thursday 12th February, 2015, TUCO culminated a condensed whirlwind of kaiso competition on The Grand Stage in the Queen’s Park Savannah. It was indeed the night of champions and as calypso bards congregated backstage in preparation for the upcoming competition

NACC Generation Next Calypso Tent Judging Night

On Sunday 25th January 2015, the National Action Cultural Committee (NACC) hosted its Carnival Calypso Competition at the NUGFW building, Union Hall on Henry, Port of Spain. The live band of eleven musicians and the youngsters came out to represent in musical splendor…

Monk Monté – Machel Montano in Concert

I was introduced to Machel Montano’s music in 2013 when I started listening to Trinidad and Tobago radio stations. Songs like “Happiest Man Alive”, “Shameless” and “Ministry of Road” were played over and over. I soon learnt that Montano was a popular artist.

Icons Calypso Tent Judging Night

On Monday 26th January 2015, the Icons Tent lived up to its name as it opened its doors to judges at the Ambassador Hotel where musical protagonists vied against each other in the battle for kaiso excellence. As audience members arrived and were seated, some of them chattered animatedly about the tent, reminiscing about previous visits. Mrs. Patricia Mungo was one such individual.

TUCO’s 2014 Annual Boat Ride Party

On Saturday 08th November 2014, the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Organisation (TUCO) held its annual Boat Ride Party on the Coral Vision as the crowning close to Calypso History Month. Attendees included calypsonians and lovers of the art-form including TUCO President, Mr. Lutalo ‘Brother Resistance’ Masimba.

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