Icons Calypso Tent Judging Night 2016

On Wednesday 20th January, 2016, the Icons Calypso Tent was visited by the National Calypso Monarch judging panel for the preliminary round of judging. A cast of twenty-six calypsonians vied for a place in the semi-final round of the competition. This event took place at the tent’s seasonal home base, the Ambassador Hotel, Long Circular Road, St. James.

Icons Calypso Tent Judging Night

On Monday 26th January 2015, the Icons Tent lived up to its name as it opened its doors to judges at the Ambassador Hotel where musical protagonists vied against each other in the battle for kaiso excellence. As audience members arrived and were seated, some of them chattered animatedly about the tent, reminiscing about previous visits. Mrs. Patricia Mungo was one such individual.