Party 67 for Posse 67

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has started a movement where individuals across the globe are asked to volunteer sixty seven minutes of their time in recognition of the sixty seven years of public service that Mr. Nelson Mandela gave to the struggle for freedom in South Africa.

Ganga Dhaaraa Teerath: Water is Life

Ganga Dhaaraa teerath (also spelt tirath) or pilgrimage represents an ancient tradition in Hinduism. Man, God and Nature are not separate in the Hindu tradition and the festival, Ganga Dashahara, is about the unified expression of these. Water is life and human life has depended upon this element since the beginning of time.

Colorado’s 4/20 Rally 2014: Is the Rebellion Over?

See, once upon a time, 4/20 was the phrase representing an ever-expanding subculture spanning decades. Indeed, it became symbolic of an underground movement locked on to the struggle to establish marijuana as both recreational and healing, a naturopathic medicine, not the scary bogey-monster depicted by government agencies, classified similarly with the synthetics of our generation.

National Fruit Festival: Win with Fruits

On June 20th-22nd, 2014, the Tableland Pineapple Farmers Association of Trinidad and Tobago held its 3rd Annual National Fruit Festival with the theme, “Win with Fruits, Healthy and Nutritious can be so so Delicious” at the Nu Simplex Complex, New Grant in south Trinidad. According to the organisers of the Fruit Festival, the showcase was started in response to “a sort of western and northern brainwashing of our people

Trinidad Rastas Advocate for Reparations and Marijuana Legalisation

On Sunday 23rd February, 2014, in Trinidad the local Rastafari organization, the All Mansions of Rastafari, held a rally to advocate for reparations, repatriation and the legalization of marijuana.

Jazz Artists on the Greens 2012

On March 24th, 2012, the 10th Annual Jazz Artists on the Greens (JAOTG) was held at the WASA Grounds, Farm Road, St. Joseph. This event, which was organised by Production One Limited, showcased the talent of five artists, incorporating various musical styles as well as a regional flavour.

Anya Ayoung-Chee’s Delightful Project Runway Victory

With Anya snagging the Project Runway’s Twitter Fan Favourite title in the last hours of voting, the programme’s season finale was expected to be just as unpredictable and engaging to the very last minute. Trinbagonian viewers were both satisfied with Anya’s accomplishments throughout the season and with her being able to secure a place in the final four. However, the edge afforded by the possibility of winning undoubtedly teased and excited the minds of Trinbagonians, the Caribbean and indeed international fans and social media followers, and made for a suspensive end.

Chinese Ambassador Hosts 2011 Spring Festival Reception

On January 28, 2011, guests of H.E. Mr. Yang Youming, Chinese Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, and his wife Mrs. Geng Hailing experienced a taste of China at their residence in celebration of the New Year which officially begins on 3rd February in 2011. This celebration, more popularly referred to as the Spring Festival, is the major event celebrated in China because it is a time when family, wherever they are, return home to engage in the festivities.

TTARP Belmont B’s 5th Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday 4th July, 2010, the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Retired Persons (TTARP) Belmont B’s hosted their fifth anniversary celebration and service. The function was held at the Belmont Community Centre on Jerningham Avenue, Belmont to a moderately-sized audience. This appreciation function was done in celebration of those who provided their indefatigable service for the five years that the organization was in existence. Attendees were treated to a full evening of entertainment and refreshments with tokens of appreciation being presented.

Mansions of Rastafari Meet in Siparia

On November 22, 2009, despite the current focus of many being the 2009 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, there was a space set out in Siparia for various Mansions of Rastafari to interact, reason and to address some of the main issues concerning the interests of Rastafari as well as the interests of African people in general. Present were members of the various houses, namely the Bobo Shanti, Nyabinghi, 12 Tribes and African Unity.

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